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I got bathrobes for the dogs recently because I was tired of wrestling Yaris when it’s time to dry her off after a bath.  She thinks it’s enormously fun to wrestle you for control of the towel.  I have no idea why.  She’ll try and steal the towel from you too.  Ugh.

But now I don’t have to go through all that.  I can just stick her bathrobe on her and leave her alone while I go give Horse a bath.  And then I can stick a bathrobe on Horse, who is much easier to dry except he’s also much bigger than Yaris, and go do things around the yard.  By the time I’m finished, they’re about as dry as they would normally be if I had done it myself.  I just have to do a small rubdown on the legs and sometimes the haunches.



I found a tiara in my brother’s room.  I put it on the dog.  Obviously.


A photo posted by @moosephysh on

She was actually willing to keep that thing on her head for quite some time.  Freaking princess.

Also, I have an instagram now.  I don’t really use it other than to see what other German shepherds are doing with their lives.  German shepherds other than Yaris, that is, in case you felt my grammar was ambiguous and thought I was self-identifying as a German shepherd.