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I was waiting at the light in the second right turn lane recently, totally minding my own business.  Then out of the corner of my eye, I see some high school kid dart out, seemingly from traffic, and grab some fruit bowls from beside the traffic light and then hop into the car next to him.  Um…what?

By fruit bowls, I mean those plastic bowls of precut fruit you can get from a grocery store.  I think the fruit bowls in question were pineapple bowls.  Anyway…

I figured this probably was some kind of prank.  You know, the fruit bowl prank that’s so fashionable with high school boys right now.  Yeah.  So, when I looked at the driver of the car the kid jumped into, I was expecting to see another high schooler driving, or at least someone suitably young who would probably be amused by this fruit bowl prank.  Except…I saw an older man.  He looked like he could have been the fruit kid’s dad.  Um…

So then I thought, I probably just saw that wrong.  The kid probably didn’t dart out from the car and grab random fruit bowls that were lying on the side of the street.  He probably had gone into the grocery store that’s in the plaza by the intersection and ran out to meet his dad at the corner.  For some reason.  Instead of just having his dad wait for him in the parking lot or something.

With this theory, I looked by the street light just to verify there wasn’t like some guy handing out fruit bowls or something, and I see that there’s actually one more fruit bowl sitting on the concrete by the light post.  By itself.  With no one around it.  And no sign saying “free fruit bowls!” or anything.  And I noticed that the guy driving the car had driven off in a hurry.  Like, peeled off right in front of oncoming traffic.

This whole thing was…weird.

I have no idea why this happened.  I mean, surely the dad wasn’t so cheap so as to make his son jump out of the car and grab some random fruit on the street, right?  Like, that doesn’t make sense.  Who knows who put that fruit there and whether or not it’s poison fruit or something.

So weird.


I’m back.  Even if I’m a week late.  We’ll see how long I can make it this time.

The other day I was peering at one of the guava trees, the one that produces the pink fruit.  It’s early in the season for it, but I wanted to see how the tree was doing after I had the tree pruned.  Guava fruits on new growth and pruning often encourages new shoots, so I was wondering if I was going to have a lot of fruit this year (much like any other year when the tree isn’t pruned but the tree was getting out of control).

As it turns out, yes, I think I will be getting plenty of pink guavas this year.  As I was looking at all the branches, I saw numerous unripe guavas developing.  I will have to dig out the fruit picker.  Maybe I’ll make guava ice cream again this year.  Or maybe guava jam or something.  There’s no way I’m going to eat all those guavas.  Especially since I’m not a huge fan of the pink ones.  I like the Thai varietals better.

ANYWAY!  I was looking at all the new fruit on the guava tree when suddenly I see a flash of red pretty high up on the tree.  I thought that was really weird.  Guava trees don’t produce red fruit.   There are a lot of leaves in the way, so I had to move around to try and get a better look.  And…it was a peach!  There’s a ripe peach growing on my guava tree!

Probably not.  A peach tree was never grafted onto the guava tree and more than likely, it’s a peach tree that’s just entangled its branches with the guava tree.  But it’s weird because I don’t think I have any peach trees on that side of the yard.  I just have another guava varietal.

I was going to trace the peach branch back to its tree, but I got called away to do something else and didn’t get the chance.  But soon.  Soon I will follow that branch back to the tree…just to verify that my guava tree did not produce a peach.  Also, that peach looked really nice and ripe.  But unfortunately by the time I got back out there, the peach was gone.  Like it never existed.  But honest, there was a peach on my guava tree!