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I’m back.  Even if I’m a week late.  We’ll see how long I can make it this time.

The other day I was peering at one of the guava trees, the one that produces the pink fruit.  It’s early in the season for it, but I wanted to see how the tree was doing after I had the tree pruned.  Guava fruits on new growth and pruning often encourages new shoots, so I was wondering if I was going to have a lot of fruit this year (much like any other year when the tree isn’t pruned but the tree was getting out of control).

As it turns out, yes, I think I will be getting plenty of pink guavas this year.  As I was looking at all the branches, I saw numerous unripe guavas developing.  I will have to dig out the fruit picker.  Maybe I’ll make guava ice cream again this year.  Or maybe guava jam or something.  There’s no way I’m going to eat all those guavas.  Especially since I’m not a huge fan of the pink ones.  I like the Thai varietals better.

ANYWAY!  I was looking at all the new fruit on the guava tree when suddenly I see a flash of red pretty high up on the tree.  I thought that was really weird.  Guava trees don’t produce red fruit.   There are a lot of leaves in the way, so I had to move around to try and get a better look.  And…it was a peach!  There’s a ripe peach growing on my guava tree!

Probably not.  A peach tree was never grafted onto the guava tree and more than likely, it’s a peach tree that’s just entangled its branches with the guava tree.  But it’s weird because I don’t think I have any peach trees on that side of the yard.  I just have another guava varietal.

I was going to trace the peach branch back to its tree, but I got called away to do something else and didn’t get the chance.  But soon.  Soon I will follow that branch back to the tree…just to verify that my guava tree did not produce a peach.  Also, that peach looked really nice and ripe.  But unfortunately by the time I got back out there, the peach was gone.  Like it never existed.  But honest, there was a peach on my guava tree!


This was originally an aside from the life-crisis post, but it ended up being longer than I thought.  So here’s the story about that young guy in the car who inspired my idea about random fraction life crises.

My sister, bil, and I were on surface streets and the streets were relatively full. Every time we’d get stopped at a light, the dude would rev his engine. And when the light changed, he wouldn’t immediately move forward and he would rev like he was going to peel out and speed off. Except…he wouldn’t.

He would rev and rev and let the space between him and the next car lengthen. And then…he would start driving forward fairly slowly. It wouldn’t be a crawl, but his start would be slower than mine and I try to start smoothly from a stop instead of just stomping on the gas. It was really strange to see that.

What was even stranger was that he would start building speed and would have room to speed up even more, but then he would suddenly change lanes so that he would be behind a slower car. He would then brake and look all annoyed (it was a convertible and the top was down).

My sister, bil, and I discussed this and I think the consensus was that the guy is intimidated by his car. He doesn’t actually know how to drive it. The way the car was moving made me believe that it had a manual transmission, so we think that this guy isn’t that comfortable driving stick.  He would rev and rev to make sure everyone knew he had an expensive fast car…and then make himself look like an idiot because he would drive pretty slowly for all that build up.

On top of that, the moment he started getting too fast for his comfort (which would have been like 40mph and the speed limit for that section of road was 50mph), he would change lanes so that he was behind a slower car so it would seem like other people were preventing him from going faster. I guess it would have worked better if he would change lanes and try and make a turn or something. But he would change lanes when there was a huge gap between him and the next car and it would be a straight section without any lanes for turning.

Not sure if I can roll my eyes any harder.