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The other day, I drew a this:



This isn’t from the list of 100 things to draw when you’re bored, in case you’re looking for it.  I ended up drawing a grizzlicorn because one of my coworkers asked for it.

Perhaps you are asking why would he ask for such a thing.  It’s because he saw me doodling during a meeting one time but he couldn’t quite see what I was drawing.  I was drawing a shark (of course).  For some reason, he thought I was drawing a butterfly.  And when it came out that he thought I was drawing a butterfly, he was ridiculed by our other coworkers and me.  He obviously doesn’t know me terribly well.

Later that day, I decided to draw him a shark with butterfly wings instead of fins.  And I did so.  On a post it.  Which is why I didn’t post it (hehehehe) first.  I have a photo of it, but I gave the post it to him so I can’t scan it.  Maybe I’ll draw a shark with butterfly wings some other time and post it (hahahahaha).

Now then, my coworker rather liked the shark with butterfly wings and asked if I could draw a grizzly with a unicorn horn.  He thought it would be ridiculous because grizzlies are fearsome animals and it would be funny to put a unicorn horn on one of them.  Little did he know that I was thinking more of a derpy grizzly as opposed to a fierce grizzly.

As for the name of this thing, my coworker kept calling it a grizzly-unicorn, which I thought was unwieldy.  So I shorted it to grizzlicorn, which he liked.  But later, a friend pointed out to me that a grizzlicorn would be something right out of one of my favorite indie comics, Axe Cop.  And then I realized that a unigrizzly would also fit in pretty well in Bearmaggedon, another one of my favorite indie comics.  OMG!  I NEED TO ASK IF MY COWORKER READS AXE COP AND BEARMAGGEDON!!


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Sorry, I don’t have it together, so it’s a post with sharks.  Which means it’s a filler.  Because apparently I associate filler posts with sharks.  I…dunno.

Anyway, the above comic is a Maximumble comic drawn by Chris Hallbeck, who is also the creator of The Book of Biff and Minimumble.  I am very fond of these webcomics.  Not in the same way as Axe Cop or Dr. McNinja, as they are more like long-form, storytelling comics.  The Book of Biff, Maximumble, and Minimumble are more like the haha, funny comics.  Not that the other two can’t be funny.


I like the way Chris Hallbeck draws sharks.  They look so sharky.  And they’re drawn cleanly and simply.  I would like to be able to draw sharks like that.  Especially since he often puts sharks in weird positions.  Here are some more of his comics involving sharks.

And here are some more doodles of sharks.

Going up...

The beginnings of a hammerhead shark. Because they're so ridiculous.