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I am always amazed by how comfortable Yaris is able to look when she’s sleeping.  Not just amazed.  Flat out envious.  I want to be that comfortable when I’m sleeping.  How can she look so comfortable curled up in such a tight ball?IMAG00561

I am always amazed by how uncomfortable Horse is able to look when he’s sleeping.  Definitely amazed.  He looks so uncomfortable.  I do not want to be like that.  How does he look so uncomfortable when he’s curled up in a ball just like Yaris, but Yaris looks so comfortable?



Did I miss Monday’s update?  Yes, yes I did.  Not even a filler.  Terrible, I know.  Well, by the time I had some free time to post, it was already late into Monday evening and I decided that it would be better for my sanity (and yours) to just get some sleep.  So, here I am, all slept up, and here is a post.

What was keeping me so busy recently?  Well, I was in Wisconsin for a month.  Makes it hard to work on projects you have lined up at home.  And then there was that wedding I had to go to this weekend.  Which was in the Bay Area.  Which involved a lot of driving without a lot of sleep in between.  On somewhat short notice because of my passengers had forgotten she needed to be back in SoCal in the early afternoon.  Zoymbing, ASD, and the like.  And then there were those 1982739872 baked goods that needed to be made.  Those are related to the changes I was talking about last week.

So, about those changes…I resigned my position at Company.

Last Friday was my last day.  Technically, I am unemployed right now.  But I’ve already accepted a position with THEM.  I just don’t start with THEM until July though.  So, I get a small break in which to try and put my life back in order.  The 1982739872 baked goods were for the last hurrah on Monday.  I could have brought them on Friday, my last day, but then I would have to endure all the well wishing and such all day.  Much better to just delay a weekend, drop off the stuffs, and leave.  Grampaw thinks I need help because I planned this all out.  Apparently normal people don’t think about these things?

The 1982739872 baked goods

In case you’re wondering, I made them spice cupcakes stuffed with maple whip, chocolate fudge cupcakes stuffed with strawberry whip, and the bosses got cherry and/or maple apple pie jars.  Grampaw and FSB got the boxes of pie jars.  The rest of the bosses got singles.  I…hope they came out ok.  I was so sleep deprived when I was making these.  It…could be really bad.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled ridiculous…