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Category Archives: Look, I forgot, ok?

Did I miss an entire week of posts?  Yes.  Was there a good reason for that?  Arguably, yes.  Did I for some reason decide it was ok to not even post fillers while also not writing any posts?  Um…yes…sorry.  Does it help to know that it wasn’t so much that I thought it was ok as it was that my Good Reason took up every last bit of time?  Anyway, here’s a post.


Continuing with my theme of games I’ve been playing, here’s one that is really good for kids.  Sushi Go is a card game and one that is pretty easy to pick up, even for the younger ones.  I like to think of the game play like one of those conveyor sushi places and you pick something off the belt while food items are passing by your table.

Sushi Go is a card drafting game.  In the game, you are dealt a specific number of cards, which are visible only to you.  You choose one and place it face down on the table.  Everyone reveals their chosen cards at the same time.  The hand you were dealt is passed to the left, i.e. it’s a draft and pass game.

The objective is to gain the most points.  Points are awarded according to the instructions on the cards.  Some of the cards instruct you to make sets for points, some allow you to choose an extra card from the hand you have, some award points after the end of the game.  There is some strategy, as you can try and block your opponents from completing sets while trying to complete your own sets.

I’ve played the game with kids as young as 7-8.  To teach the younger ones, I would just play the first game with open hands while everyone figures out the rules.  Then we play for real.  It normally takes a game or two for them to figure out that they can’t just focus on their own set collections and that they have to keep track of what is in each hand as it’s being passed.  And all subsequent games pass pretty quickly.

The graphics on the cards are nice.  The cards themselves are of good quality.  If you play with younger kids, you might consider card sleeves, as I note that the younger ones are not terribly fond of washing their hands.  I don’t like sticky cards.  Gross.  Oh, and I really like the tin the card set comes in.