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Another KAF bakealong recipe! This was January’s bakealong challenge, which I did actually do in January. Because please. Pizza.

As you know, I am a huge fan of pizza. I’m also a big fan of cinnamon rolls. And this recipe was kind of like a combination of the two. Yay fun!

I did modify the recipe a little according to what I had on hand. I used active dry yeast in place of the instant yeast (1:1 swap this time) and AP flour in place of bread flour. I kneaded the dough using a KitchenAid and it came together without any issues. For the pizza sauce, I used a variation of Serious Eats’ slow cooked tomato sauce. I happened to have a random package of pepperoni at the time (I rarely have pepperoni) and some shredded mozz, as opposed to fresh.

They came out rather nicely and tasted pretty good. I think I would use a sharper sauce next time and maybe include onion or bell pepper next time. I’ll definitely be playing with this recipe again.


Remember when I made a bunch of no knead pizza crust and only used half of it on some mini pizzas?  I ended up using the other half to make calzones because I’ve always wanted to try and make calzones.  And also Stromboli.  I think I’d really like to make Stromboli some time too.


Anyway, I ended up making four calzones over a couple of days.  They were pretty good.  I stuffed them with the last of my tomato sauce, shredded mozz, onion, green bell, mushrooms in two of them, mild Italian sausage, and fresh basil.  I didn’t use any egg or water to help hold the crimped edge.  The dough was sticky enough already.  I generally find this to be the case when I make the dough as opposed to using something store bought.  I did use an egg wash over the top of the calzones.  They came out a beautiful golden brown and they smelled so good.

In the first two calzones, I didn’t use a lot of tomato sauce or cheese.  As a result, I didn’t think it tasted pizza-y enough for me.  It was just a stuffed bread roll.  So, the second batch, I made the top and bottom layers sauce and cheese and it was better.  It also made those two calzones gigantic.  I had a little trouble trying to get them closed without ripping a hole in the dough.