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Freaking Beeman

I’m sure you know that I’m already a big fan of Dr. McNinja.  Also of Girl Genius and Gunnerkirgg Court as well.  Well, lucky for me there’s a card game involving all of those comics.

Legendary Showdown, both the original Dr. McNinja’s Legendary Showdown and Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic, is a card drafting/hand management game published by Killer Robot Games.  The original artists of all three comics provided the art for the cards.  Killer Robot Games kickstarted both games with the blessing of the artists.  I obviously supported both campaigns as I’m a big fan of all three webcomics.

Gameplay is pretty simple and goes by quickly.  You draft a hand of characters, which are shown to your opponents, and then a hand of modifiers, which are hidden, and then you go forth and do battle upon your opponents.  The character with the highest points after modifiers are played and shown wins the round.  You then proceed to play the next character in your hand.  Modifiers played on a character follow the character through the rounds.  Since gameplay and mechanics are the same for both games, you can mix the decks and have a legendary showdown in a McNinja/Girl Genius/Gunnerkrigg-verse.

The game is easy enough to teach younger kids and I think they could be entertained by some of the more ridiculous modifiers and characters, like Beeman up there.  But I think the finer details and even the more ridiculous details would be lost on people who aren’t familiar with the comics.  Such is the way of heavily themed games.  Not sure if I’ll try and introduce this game to the kids.  I think I might be the only one who would really appreciate and understand all the characters and modifiers.  Sadz.


I’m sure you’ve seen this by now.  Sure of it.

What struck me about the video and well, about Cmdr Hadfield‘s presence in general, is…his mustache.  This has always been the case.  I’ve just never mentioned it before.

Cmdr Hadfield recently came back to Earth after serving as a flight engineer in the 34th long-duration mission to the ISS and leading the 35th.  He is the only the second non-NASA, non-RSA astronaut to command the ISS and the first CSA astronaut to command.

I assume his mission was a success judging by his social media output.  I actually don’t know what his mission was about so I can’t say definitively if his mission was a success.  His mission may have included more than raising awareness of the space programs in various countries and unions.  I’m pretty sure he’s done a pretty good job of raising awareness.  But, you can see his social media output for yourself on twitter, tumblr, and youtube if you haven’t already.  Why haven’t you, anyway?

Anyhoo, I choose to believe that his mission’s success was not based solely on his ability to command and training and preparation.  Stuff I’m sure he has or has done and has worked hard for.  I choose to believe that his mustache of authority has helped a lot.

Do you not know what a mustache of authority is?  Dan has one.  Gordito was also able to grow one by sheer force of will.  Dan was able to use his mustache of authority to lead a guild of ninjas.  Gordito’s mustache helped claim his birthright after his father was tragically killed in a freak circus accident and perform the sweetest dunk.  A mustache of authority can help a lot.  Of course, there are some people who can resist the power of the mustache of authority.

So, I believe that Cmdr Hadfield’s mustache of authority is partially responsible for everything he’s been able to accomplish in life.  I mean sure, he’s put in a lot of hard work and he’s been dedicated to what I assume was his dream.  But also, he has a mustache of authority.