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Category Archives: overheard

So, this was a conversation that happened recently.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:36]:
i would really like to throw a tea party
i wonder if i have enough stuffed animals to throw one

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:37]:
You can borrow some of mine.
Estella would love to be invited to a tea party.
I’m sure Robin and Ehgg wouldn’t mind.
And then I have several other moose who would probably like to go.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:38]:
yeah…. we are def not grown ups

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:42]:
I’m trying to think of all the stuffed animals I have…
I have the giant ones, courtesy of you…

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:42]:

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:42]:
And then I have an awful lot of other moose.
At least 4.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:42]:
i have alot of hello kitty’s

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:42]:
Maybe 5 if I count the one that lives in the can.
And then I have a baby Bowser.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:42]:
and rilakkuma’s

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:43]:
And a Boo.
And I have T bone.
and Sam.
That everyone thinks is Clifford but totally is not Clifford.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:43]:
i have a tuxedo sam
and a my melody

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:43]:
My sister had a Tuxedo Mask figurine.
I think she had a Sailor Moon too…
We have assorted mushrooms from Mario.
They have faces…
Do you think they’d like to go to a tea party?

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:44]:
yes def

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:44]:

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:45]:
ill make sure not to serve mushrooms

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:45]:
Or moose…
Or dogs…
Or sharks…
Or cats…
I guess baby Bowser is a koopa?

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:45]:
well i dont normally serve those

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:45]:
Don’t serve koopas either.
My friend might let me borrow his goomba.
Oh, don’t serve ghosts.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:46]:
ummm.. i have a princess dress

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:46]:
I have Mario pants.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:46]:
im pretty surei have a yoshi somewhere

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:46]:
Is totally a post.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:46]:
oh! i have a snoopy!
im working harder now to think of what other stuffed animals can join the party than i have worked all day
maybe yaris and horse could join the tea party
well.. yaris
horse is prob not sophisticated enough to join

This was a totally normal conversation to have right?  While at work?  Right?  Riiiiight???

You’ll also notice that I no longer work for THEM in Cerritos.  THEM closed the office in Cerritos and combined it with the office in Commerce.  A-pusher is based out of Commerce now.  Since we also have an office in Irvine, I was relegated to Irvine.  So…we no longer share the same office.  Oh well, not like we ever were in the office at the same time anyway.


Besides teaching myself German right now using Duolingo, I’m also brushing up on my French.  And there are some pretty ridiculous French sentences in the sentences they give me to translate.

I may have mentioned one of these ridiculous sentences to a friend.  Maybe.  And then I may have illustrated parts of the resulting conversation because it’s approximately what I saw in my head.  Possibly.

Me: L’éléphant est vert. 1:56 PM

Green elephant Me: Where did they come up with that? 1:56 PM
Friend: Elephants are green 1:56 PM

Green elephants Me: Well, just one elephant. THE elephant. A particular elephant. That one there. 2:00 PM
Me: Everyone knows of the green elephant. 2:00 PM
Me: I mean…he’s green. Unlike his colleagues who are all gray. 2:01 PM

One green elephant Friend: Yes. When they r sick. They turn green 2:01 PM

Sick elephant Friend: Or when he’s envious of the other elephants 2:01 PM
Me: Possibly. He shouldn’t be at work today. He’ll make the rest of the elephants green. 2:01 PM
Friend: He’s not at work. Why would he be at work if he’s green! 2:02 PM
Friend: It’s not like the elephant works for THEM 2:02 PM
Me: Do you think THEM has discriminatory hiring practices? Or a quota? Max 2 green elephants per office? 2:04 PM
Friend: I might be the elephant of LA [emoji] 2:05 PM
Me: But you aren’t green. 2:06 PM
Friend: I might be when I get back into this crappy no ac rental 2:06 PM
Me: No, I think you might turn red and then purple and then pop. 2:08 PM