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It occurs to me, as I sit here in the parking lot about 25min early, that I didn’t schedule a post for today like I had meant to yesterday. Oops. Well, I’ll just constructively use my time and schedule one now.

It’s my first day of work! I rather enjoyed being technically unemployed this past month. I finally caught up on sleep. I made ALL THE PROJECTS! I spent some time with my siblings who were around for summer. I forgot to take Yaris to the beach like I promised her I would. Oops.

Since writing the above section several things have happened. I went into the office building to find that everything was locked. Including the restrooms. Which was a bit of issue, since I needed to use them. I had to call ALL THE PEOPLE to see if there was someone in our office suite to let me in. Turns out, there wasn’t. I had to call the guy who recruited me up in the Bay Area for more info, since he’s been my main point of contact this whole time. I was told to go to a different office instead. With current traffic conditions, it would take over an hour to get there. It was a good thing that before I started out, I intercepted a call saying that I would need my company issued laptop…which I don’t have. Because it’s probably in the office I am locked out of. Nevertheless, I am told to head over to the other office anyway. The laptop will find me later.

And all this within the first hour of my report time.

I may die of laughter before finishing the day.


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