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Ok, finally finished the textured clay dish I made almost two months ago.  It really didn’t take that long and it’s shameful that I let it just sit on my work table collecting dust this whole time because either I was lazy or was going through a motivational crisis.

Anyway, here it is.

SavedPicture-2014530111310.jpgI smoothed out the edges with an emory board.  Not the one they had originally included in the box, because I had put it away and didn’t feel like looking for it.  I just picked up the random one that’s been sitting on my desk and used that one.  I don’t actually use them on my nails, so getting clay in all the grooves doesn’t really bother me.

Next, I had originally planned to highlight the textured portion with some metallic paint or ink.  But then I was thinking that it wouldn’t look very good against just the white background of the clay.  So I decided I would paint part of it a darker color to provide some contrast.  But then I decided to first give the whole dish a base coat of titanium white so everything would be a nice bright white.  The clay itself had a bit of a grayish tinge.  After that, I painted a coat of black over part of the face and around the sides.  The bottom is still white, if you’re curious.  And then I highlighted the textured portion by dotting it with a metallic silver Sharpie.  The whole thing is sealed with Polycrylic (semi gloss).

Tada!  Now I have something to put my keys in?  At least it stands out against the white of my worktable.  And FYI, it doesn’t smell nearly as bad as it did when the clay was still curing, but it does still smell.  And now it also smells like acrylic paint and Polycrylic.



Have you ever played picture telephone or whatever it’s called?  I’ve seen it called several things.

Anyway, have you ever played?  You can get some hilarious results.  It’s a party game, of sorts, and it’s based off the telephone game, in which you whisper a phrase or sentence down a line of people and see how the message morphs as it’s passed on from person to person.  In picture telephone, the first person will write a sentence or phrase, and the next person will draw it.  The person after that will try and write down a description of the picture without looking at the original sentence, and so forth.  You can play in a big circle and everyone is always doing something.  Then when your sentence gets back to you, you can write down what you think the last picture was and see how everything has changed.

Here’s mine from last night:

Picture telephone resultsIt was one of the more hilarious ones.  Mostly because I always make a ridiculous and difficult sentence to draw.  Which I believe is key to the game.  Although sometimes it’s gratifying to see how well a message is preserved.  But also…kind of boring.