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So, I’m sure you remember this from last week.


And I’m sure you remember that I said I was only making one set of circles this year.  So why did I title the post in the plural?  Well, mostly because it sounded better than when I had it in the singular.  That’s really all.  I should have made more than one laundry bag this year…but I just couldn’t do it and stay sane.  It still bothers me that this ended up being the case…

Anyway, here’s this year’s laundry bag.  It’s for one of my girls whom I’ve had a hand in caring for since she was in jr high.  And now she’s off to college.  Tear.




I made her a dino.  I don’t remember exactly how I got the idea to make her a blue, toothy dino, but that’s what it turned out to be.  Her favorite color is a very beautiful, creamy gray.  A bit on a the darker side.  I tried to match that as much as possible with the body of the bag.  But the dino wanted to be blue.  A swirly-patterned blue.  He was going to have more green spikes than just on the tail, but I couldn’t fit them in.  And when I said that I couldn’t fit them in, I mean that my brain and I were not cooperating nicely and it was really hard for me to get anything completed.  I’m either out of practice or there are other things going on which have made my brain decide it’s not going to concentrate on tasks at hand and thus cause me to skip steps in a series of ordered tasks, etc.  Maybe it’s both.  Whatever.  I finished it and it’s been sent off.  It turned out ok.  Just with fewer spikes than I had imagined.



A feature since last year is that the bags are fully reversible now.  The fabric for the inside was actually from the penguin I made for the very first set of high school seniors to whom I gave laundry bags.  I also recently found out that the kid (who really no longer is a kid) who received the penguin is still using it in his post-grad studies.  It’s held up remarkably well.

You also might be looking for last year’s bags.  You might not find them.  That’s because I never posted them.  I probably won’t post them either.  Sorry if you were really curious as to what they were.

Oh, and one thing that made me laugh pretty hard when making the bag was when I was deciding on a face for the dino.


The frowny Goomba face was hilarious to me.  I ended up using the smiling one with the angry brows because that’s how I first imagined and designed the dino.  I figured I would stick to the original design.  But that Goomba face…


It is indeed that time of year again. Actually, I’m late. This should have been done months ago considering I had decided that I was only going to make one set of circles. I feel bad about that actually. But…things are such on my life that I can’t take on more projects. Sugh.
I’ll post what this set of circles became next week after the recipient has actually received it.