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Freaking Beeman

I’m sure you know that I’m already a big fan of Dr. McNinja.  Also of Girl Genius and Gunnerkirgg Court as well.  Well, lucky for me there’s a card game involving all of those comics.

Legendary Showdown, both the original Dr. McNinja’s Legendary Showdown and Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic, is a card drafting/hand management game published by Killer Robot Games.  The original artists of all three comics provided the art for the cards.  Killer Robot Games kickstarted both games with the blessing of the artists.  I obviously supported both campaigns as I’m a big fan of all three webcomics.

Gameplay is pretty simple and goes by quickly.  You draft a hand of characters, which are shown to your opponents, and then a hand of modifiers, which are hidden, and then you go forth and do battle upon your opponents.  The character with the highest points after modifiers are played and shown wins the round.  You then proceed to play the next character in your hand.  Modifiers played on a character follow the character through the rounds.  Since gameplay and mechanics are the same for both games, you can mix the decks and have a legendary showdown in a McNinja/Girl Genius/Gunnerkrigg-verse.

The game is easy enough to teach younger kids and I think they could be entertained by some of the more ridiculous modifiers and characters, like Beeman up there.  But I think the finer details and even the more ridiculous details would be lost on people who aren’t familiar with the comics.  Such is the way of heavily themed games.  Not sure if I’ll try and introduce this game to the kids.  I think I might be the only one who would really appreciate and understand all the characters and modifiers.  Sadz.


That was exactly how the tree felt.

You may remember that I have a slightly adversarial relationship with fruit trees.  This hasn’t changed.  But I was content to just let this relationship be what it was.  I may not be best of friends with fruit trees but I wasn’t going to go out of my way to antagonize them.  The trees apparently don’t feel the same way.

The other day, I came home from work and was taking care of some stuff around the yard in preparation for trash day when I realized that one of the green date trees had decided it would be a good idea to load up only one of its branches with fruit.  Just one.  Completely covered in fruit.  So obviously, the branch snapped and broke off.

Now I have a dead branch covered in almost ripe dates on the floor.

I thought about just throwing everything away as I’m not the hugest fan of green dates or the tree, but I knew my mother would be greatly displeased with such a decision.  She highly values her date trees.  So I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to pick every single date off the branch and then get rid of the branch.

Now, the thing about the date trees is that they’re covered in thorns.  I’ve been stabbed by them before.  I try and learn from my mistakes.  So this time, I went and donned a pair of leather work gloves before bothering the branch.

The tree was not having any of it.  It stabbed me anyway.  Through the leather of my gloves.  Into my thumb.  And then broke tip of the thorn off in my thumb so deep that I haven’t been able to get it out with a needle.  I’m not squeamish about digging around in my flesh with a needle either.  I have a hole in my thumb now from picking at the area around the thorn with a needle.  But you can just barely see the tip of the thorn.  I definitely don’t have enough of it to grab with tweezers.  Jerk tree.

Looking around online for splinter cures, it looks like maybe an Epsom salt compress might help coax the thorn out far enough so I can grab it.  Yay.