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I…am very out of practice…

Recently, I had family visit and they brought their two dogs with them, Pickles and Unagi.  Pickles is a Rottweiler.  Unagi is a pit bull mix of some kind.  Maybe with a retriever.  What I’m saying is, I had an extra two large dogs in the house.  Four big dogs in the house is kind of a lot, guys.

The good thing was that all the dogs got along just fine.  Horse kind of just ignored everyone because he’s a cantankerous old man.  Or not really.  He’s actually kind of cheerful but dumb.  But he is definitely old.  So he wasn’t much for the playing and rambunctiousness of the younger dogs.

Yaris…is a princess.  But she does like to play.  So she got along well with the other dogs.  She and Pickles already knew each other because Pickles visited for about a week when she was a puppy.

Pickles is the next youngest and definitely the tallest dog.  She’s taller than Horse but doesn’t have his bulk.  She…also is a little bit dumb.  My mother decided that Horse was “number one dumb” and Pickles was next.  That’s probably accurate.  Horse is pretty dumb.  Pickles sometimes would try and compete with Horse for the title of number one dumb, but in the end…I think she’s still a little smarter than Horse.  She’s also quite loud.  And bossy.  Always barking at the other dogs to do stuff.

Unagi is the youngest, really still a puppy, but incredibly smart.  He’s probably the smartest dog of the four.  When they first arrived, someone had put him outside in the backyard.  The other dogs were still inside and I saw that he wanted to come inside from the backyard.  I had Yaris go outside to teach him out to use the doggy door.  He looked startled when Yaris suddenly appeared from the doggy door and he didn’t quite catch her when she came back inside.  So I had Yaris go in and out of the doggy door again and I saw that he was watching Yaris intently.  Right after Yaris came inside, he poked the doggy door and came inside too.  He had it down after that.  Then he liked go outside at will to run around like a crazy dog.  Well actually, he definitely has an on/off switch.  Either he was on and running around like a crazy dog.  Or he was off and sleeping.  There really wasn’t an in between setting.  He and Yaris would play a lot of biteyface.  Well, until Pickles would bark at them because she wasn’t invited to play.  Punk.

So anyway, while I had all four dogs with me, I happened across a small jar of bubble solution.  I have always wondered how Yaris would react to bubbles so I took the dogs outside and blew bubbles at them to see what would happen.

Pickles immediately ran off chasing them and trying to bite them to death.  This wasn’t really surprising.  It seemed a very Pickles thing to do.  Earlier, she spent a good amount of time barking at my broombot.  Unagi barked at it too.  But Pickles continued barking long after Unagi had realized that the broombot wasn’t going to do anything to him and ignored it.  Pickles was very offended by the broombot and barked at it almost constantly.  I figured something similar would happen with bubbles.

Unagi would chase after the bubbles sometimes.  Other times he would sit with Yaris and just look at the bubble stream.  That was kind of surprising to me.  I thought for sure he would run after the bubbles like a crazy dog.  But no, only sometimes.

Yaris didn’t run after the bubbles at all.  I was a little surprised.  I thought she might chase after them because she does have a high prey drive.  But then again…she’s a princess and she did the princessly thing of sitting on her butt and just watching the bubbles float by.  She seemed to enjoy watching bubbles magically appear from the bubble wand.  And I caught a few of them on the wand to let her sniff.  She sniffed at the bubbles quite delicately and then sat back, and apparently wanted to watch more bubbles float by.  Princess.

And Horse?  Well…Horse took a nap.

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I’ll be back in August. Kthxbai.