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So, this was a conversation that happened recently.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:36]:
i would really like to throw a tea party
i wonder if i have enough stuffed animals to throw one

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:37]:
You can borrow some of mine.
Estella would love to be invited to a tea party.
I’m sure Robin and Ehgg wouldn’t mind.
And then I have several other moose who would probably like to go.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:38]:
yeah…. we are def not grown ups

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:42]:
I’m trying to think of all the stuffed animals I have…
I have the giant ones, courtesy of you…

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:42]:

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:42]:
And then I have an awful lot of other moose.
At least 4.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:42]:
i have alot of hello kitty’s

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:42]:
Maybe 5 if I count the one that lives in the can.
And then I have a baby Bowser.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:42]:
and rilakkuma’s

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:43]:
And a Boo.
And I have T bone.
and Sam.
That everyone thinks is Clifford but totally is not Clifford.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:43]:
i have a tuxedo sam
and a my melody

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:43]:
My sister had a Tuxedo Mask figurine.
I think she had a Sailor Moon too…
We have assorted mushrooms from Mario.
They have faces…
Do you think they’d like to go to a tea party?

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:44]:
yes def

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:44]:

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:45]:
ill make sure not to serve mushrooms

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:45]:
Or moose…
Or dogs…
Or sharks…
Or cats…
I guess baby Bowser is a koopa?

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:45]:
well i dont normally serve those

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:45]:
Don’t serve koopas either.
My friend might let me borrow his goomba.
Oh, don’t serve ghosts.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:46]:
ummm.. i have a princess dress

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:46]:
I have Mario pants.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:46]:
im pretty surei have a yoshi somewhere

Me (THEM-IRV) [15:46]:
Is totally a post.

A-pusher (THEM-COM) [15:46]:
oh! i have a snoopy!
im working harder now to think of what other stuffed animals can join the party than i have worked all day
maybe yaris and horse could join the tea party
well.. yaris
horse is prob not sophisticated enough to join

This was a totally normal conversation to have right?  While at work?  Right?  Riiiiight???

You’ll also notice that I no longer work for THEM in Cerritos.  THEM closed the office in Cerritos and combined it with the office in Commerce.  A-pusher is based out of Commerce now.  Since we also have an office in Irvine, I was relegated to Irvine.  So…we no longer share the same office.  Oh well, not like we ever were in the office at the same time anyway.


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