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First post!  And the topic ends up being…napping!

I had a friend recently ask me whether or not a three-hour nap could indeed be counted as a nap.  Well, I guess.  It would be a really long nap.  But at the same time, it can’t be counted as a sleep, because I would say the lower threshold for a sleep is about five hours…maybe four (i.e. you can say that you only got five hours of sleep last night and everyone will feel sorry for you and offer to buy you some coffee).  The upper threshold of a nap probably is better placed at ninety minutes or so.  That way you get to complete a full sleep cycle (  So what do you call that nebulous region of sleeping between ninety minutes and five hours?

I propose a new term to define sleeping from ninety minutes to five hours.  I will call it zoymbing.

zoymb verb \zoimb\
zoymbed | zoymb – ing

: to sleep between approximately ninety minutes to five hours during the day

not to be confused with nap

Why?  No particular reason.  I just like the sound and spelling of the word.  Feel free to suggest your own.  But anyway, I would like to put forth that I really dislike it when I zoymb.  It’s actually one of the reason I try not to nap because napping often leads to zoymbing for me.  Zoymbing can ruin a perfectly good afternoon because when you wake up you have to break free of sleep inertia, deal with the fact that you slept for a whole afternoon and maybe into the evening, deal with being unproductive, figure out how you’re going to get to sleep so you can get up like a normal, functioning, productive member of society (or semblance of) the next morning, etc etc.  There’s so much baggage that goes along with zoymbing.  I don’t really think it’s worth it for most occasions.  If you’re going to zoymb, you might as well just sleep early (and then the next day you can brag to all your friends that you got to sleep for ten hours last night and they will all be jealous).



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  1. This is very important. Now I know the difference between to nap, to zoymb, and to sleep. My life has gained that much more clarity!

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