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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Moar games!

Another board game that’s good for kids is Takenoko.  Takenoko is a bit more traditional than the games I’ve brought up so far?  Actually, not really.  It is friendly to the younger kids although, you may have to be a bit patient explaining all the rules and mechanics of the game.  This isn’t a huge problem though because the game pieces themselves are often entertaining enough to keep them interested in the game during the learning curve.  There isn’t much whininess about how the game is too hard and therefore boring.

In Takenoko, you try and fulfill objectives related to the panda eating bamboo, the gardener growing bamboo, or completing a particular plot formation in the garden.  Objectives are drawn from the related decks of cards.  The game board is modular and built with each game.  There is a panda figurine and gardener figurine that can move across the board and eat or grow bamboo respectively.  The bamboo growth is also physically shown, as you stack (or take away) bamboo pieces from the different garden plots.

Describing the game like this makes it seem kind of boring.  But really, it’s more ridiculous than anything.  And it actually is quite a bit of fun and lighthearted.  I mean, the rules of the game are written partly in comic book form.

This is probably the game we’ve played the most with a variety of people after my brother and I test played.  It’s not bad as a two player game.  Three to four players would probably be best.



I found a Korean radish (a daikon varietal) in my fridge the other day.  There was only one.  I didn’t really know what to do with it.  But I felt like pickling something and I do like kimchi, so I made kkakdugi.

I have never made kkakdugi before so I rooted around on the internet to see what people normally use to make kkakdugi and I settled on salt, sugar, garlic, ginger, chili powder, soy sauce, the top of a sprouted onion because I didn’t have any green onions, and some of the radish juice when from when the radish cubes were macerating.

When my mother makes Chinese pickled vegetables, she does open crock fermenting.  I’m…ok with that when she does it.  If mold forms on top, you just scrape it off and continue with the fermentation.  I could have done open crock fermenting with the kkakdugi.  But…I didn’t really want to.  It means that I have to deal with mold and then I have to babysit it.  Also, I have a fun fermentation airlock and a modified mason jar lid to fit said airlock and I wanted to use that.  So I did.


I haven’t put water into the airlock yet in this photo so it’s not very airlocky.

I left the jar at room temp for four days to ferment before sticking it in the fridge.  I ended up making some kimchi fried rice.  Which…sounds really good right now.  I think I should go make some more.