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Monthly Archives: January 2017

As we all know, I sometimes do ridiculous things. Or actually, the thing itself may not be ridiculous but the motivation behind it might be. Like the time I decorated a cake in my hotel room without even a kitchenette. Or the time I…did other things that are ridiculous but I can’t remember right now. Or the time I make chicken soup solely because the dog was sick.

Yes, I made chicken soup. Totally normal thing to do. Lots of people do this. But why did I make chicken soup? Because Horse was sick.

Yes. Horse. Not any human friend or relative that I knew. I have never made chicken soup for a sick human friend or relative. But my dog, who is a better horse than a dog, who is relatively stupid and annoying, who is clingy to a fault, who is big and clunky and nothing at all like my little princess dog, was sick.

I think Horse had a bad case of kennel cough. I had to board him and Yaris the weekend before and I noticed a few days after picking them up that Horse was clearing his throat a lot. Then it progressed to coughing. Then it progressed to hacking and choking and coughing and vomiting. He actually also had a fever on the worst morning. He looked so pathetic and shivery that I decided to take him to the vet where he got IV fluids and antibiotics (and a chest xray and a blood test and a course of oral antibiotics). I always think it’s funny when dogs have to get an IV. The vet has to shave a little bald spot into their arm. And it looks ridiculous. Hahaha.

Anyway, the vet and I decided that it was most likely that Horse had a bad case of kennel cough over some of the more exotic things that he could have and that he was just going to have to take it easy for a couple of weeks. Horse has no problem with taking it easy. But he still was having issues with coughing. He would cough so much that he would start vomiting. This was incredibly annoying for me, since I had to clean it up. But I’m sure it was also really uncomfortable for him. So I made him some chicken soup in hopes that it might speed his recovery a bit, or at least make him feel a little better. Also…it gave me an excuse to play with the pressure cooker.

I kind of just made up a recipe here involving carrots and celery, dried thyme, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper (basically whatever spices and herbs I had in the pantry), and maybe a 4lb chicken? I forgot exactly how big of a chicken I used. Anyway, I dumped everything into the Instant Pot and cooked under high pressure for 15 minutes and then released the pressure using the quick release valve. When it was cool enough, I pulled all the meat off the chicken, dumped the meat back into the soup, and gave some to Horse (and also Yaris because I would have never heard the end of it if Yaris didn’t get any). I had some too. It was pretty good. I think I like pressure cooker chicken soup over slow cooker chicken soup. And it’s faster.

(Um…I know I had a photo.  But I can’t find it anymore.  Sorry.  Just imagine a bowl of chicken soup right here.  Kthx.)

Hi…I’m back.  I think.  Hopefully.  Going to try the once a week posting schedule again.  I guess I’ll see how well I can keep it up.  I guess?  Anyway, here’s a story about how I don’t exist.

A-pusher was sneak promoted recently at work. I say sneak promoted because THEM, at least in the LA area, has this thing about not telling people they’re going to be promoted beforehand and also not working out any of the details that go along with a promotion and just surprising them with some kind of promotion celebration. Normally a dinner at a restaurant. It’s supposed to be this big secret…but people here aren’t that subtle or good at keeping secrets.

So…this happened to A-pusher recently and she found out about all of this. Because she found out about it, we were able to talk openly about how dumb sneak promotions are and how we didn’t like these celebratory dinner things. As it turns out, A-pusher’s family isn’t huge on these sneak celebratory dinners either and they told A-pusher that at least they finally get to meet this “[Moose]” A-pushers speaks of.

You see, A-pusher and I have fairly similar interests. We both like to cook, bake, sew, craft, etc etc. We’re both trained electrical engineers. We’re both pretty good controls engineers. So we sometimes end up in each other’s conversations with other people. In A-pusher’s case, conversation often has to do a lot with food. And A-pusher’s family were supposedly finally going to be able to put a face to my name.


Because I didn’t go. Psh, you didn’t think I’d attend such a social event, did you? Because I didn’t.

However, I did find out beforehand that A-pusher’s family wanted to meet me, so I worked it out beforehand with a few of our coworkers that they would introduce themselves as…themselves, but then also as me. Like…”Hi, I’m [Pengy]. Also, I’m [Moose].” This concept and the accompanying mental image of all of this playing out was vastly amusing to me.

I checked in with A-pusher and some of our coworkers the next day and the result was we have all decided that I’m A-pusher’s imaginary friend. It turns out that pretty unknowingly played into the game by recounting a story of lemon tarts. I guess pretty has the same imaginary friend as A-pusher.

Perhaps you’re wondering why no one showed A-pusher’s family a photo of me. Duh, because none exist. This was bewildering to A-pusher’s sister. She apparently demanded why no one had a picture of me. I guess the general excuse was that no one would dare try to take a photo of me. 👍

But I quite like this idea that I’m the imaginary friend. I am SO. AMUSED. by this idea. I’m not entirely sure why. I wonder if this is a newfound super power: the ability to become someone’s imaginary friend. I will have the think about this.