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Category Archives: overheard

cherriebb515: Now that people use registries, it’s really hard to write on thank you cards, “How did you know that’s exactly what I wanted?!?!”

cherriebb515: I guess I could still write it.

Moosterkey: I think you should.

Moosterkey: And you should go on and on about how everyone seemed to know exactly what you wanted and no one repeated anyone else’s gift and everyone must be psychics these days or something this obviously must be all the chemicals in the milk and municipal water supplies oh my gosh the government is totally spying on us and doing experiments on us dude we totally need to move to Mars where they can’t find us unless it was the aliens all along ahhhh where is my tin foil hat?!

I think…I’ll just leave it at that.

I’m still in Wisconsin.  I may have to extend my stay even longer.  We’ll see.  I did find out earlier last week that Company took control over my hotel reservations and extended it to June 2.  Yay.  Yaaaaaaay.  Not sure if I’ll have to stay that long though.


That is not the interesting stuff that I’ve learned.  You learn so many interesting things when you’re in the company of middle aged men most of your waking hours.  Nothing inappropriate.  They watch their mouths around me (mostly).  They’re considerate like that.  No, the intersting things I learn from them is mostly from observing their behavior.  People watching.  It’s fun.

Did you know that middle aged men act like old married couples?  It’s true.  They’ll purposely try to piss each other off and then turn around and order the other guy’s favorite drink while he’s away from the table so it’ll be waiting for him when he gets back.  Or it could be so that we can get out of the restauarnt earlier.  They’ll also whine and complain to each other (or to me, I think I’m considered the sympathetic ear).  Espeically about driving skills.

Did you know that some middle aged men really don’t like to be classified as being “middle aged”?  I’m being…kind of generous here too, if you hold to the belief that “middle aged” means that you can double the age and reasonably assume to still be alive when you reach it.  Yeah.  Some of them are really sensitive about their age.  REALLY sensitive.  COMICALLY sensitive.  COMICALLY.

There was more but I can’t remember right now.  I may be delirious with sleep dep.  Or I may not.  It’s your choice (not really).  There totally was some zoymbing today though.