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As we all know, I sometimes do ridiculous things. Or actually, the thing itself may not be ridiculous but the motivation behind it might be. Like the time I decorated a cake in my hotel room without even a kitchenette. Or the time I…did other things that are ridiculous but I can’t remember right now. Or the time I make chicken soup solely because the dog was sick.

Yes, I made chicken soup. Totally normal thing to do. Lots of people do this. But why did I make chicken soup? Because Horse was sick.

Yes. Horse. Not any human friend or relative that I knew. I have never made chicken soup for a sick human friend or relative. But my dog, who is a better horse than a dog, who is relatively stupid and annoying, who is clingy to a fault, who is big and clunky and nothing at all like my little princess dog, was sick.

I think Horse had a bad case of kennel cough. I had to board him and Yaris the weekend before and I noticed a few days after picking them up that Horse was clearing his throat a lot. Then it progressed to coughing. Then it progressed to hacking and choking and coughing and vomiting. He actually also had a fever on the worst morning. He looked so pathetic and shivery that I decided to take him to the vet where he got IV fluids and antibiotics (and a chest xray and a blood test and a course of oral antibiotics). I always think it’s funny when dogs have to get an IV. The vet has to shave a little bald spot into their arm. And it looks ridiculous. Hahaha.

Anyway, the vet and I decided that it was most likely that Horse had a bad case of kennel cough over some of the more exotic things that he could have and that he was just going to have to take it easy for a couple of weeks. Horse has no problem with taking it easy. But he still was having issues with coughing. He would cough so much that he would start vomiting. This was incredibly annoying for me, since I had to clean it up. But I’m sure it was also really uncomfortable for him. So I made him some chicken soup in hopes that it might speed his recovery a bit, or at least make him feel a little better. Also…it gave me an excuse to play with the pressure cooker.

I kind of just made up a recipe here involving carrots and celery, dried thyme, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper (basically whatever spices and herbs I had in the pantry), and maybe a 4lb chicken? I forgot exactly how big of a chicken I used. Anyway, I dumped everything into the Instant Pot and cooked under high pressure for 15 minutes and then released the pressure using the quick release valve. When it was cool enough, I pulled all the meat off the chicken, dumped the meat back into the soup, and gave some to Horse (and also Yaris because I would have never heard the end of it if Yaris didn’t get any). I had some too. It was pretty good. I think I like pressure cooker chicken soup over slow cooker chicken soup. And it’s faster.

(Um…I know I had a photo.  But I can’t find it anymore.  Sorry.  Just imagine a bowl of chicken soup right here.  Kthx.)

I recently found out, via the internet so it must be totally true because the internet never lies, that chefs who are too tired to cook at the end of the day will often just eat popcorn for dinner.  I would link you to the article I read, but I didn’t save it and I don’t feel like rooting around for it.

Anyway, I thought that was rather interesting.  If I’m too tired/lazy to cook for myself at the end of the day AND I can’t be bothered to go out to eat/pick up food, I generally just have cereal or a sandwich.  These are things I normally have on hand.  These are things I normally eat through the summer when it’s too hot to cook and I don’t have much of an appetite anyway.  Or sometimes I will just eat half a watermelon and be done with it.  But you’ll notice that all of these are cold foods.  What if I want a hot meal?  I guess it’s popcorn to the rescue!

The article took pains to point out that this wasn’t just normal microwave popcorn.  No, no.  This was stove-popped or air-popped popcorn that was tossed with things like fresh herbs and seasonings.  It was fancypants popcorn.  As you would expect.

I decided to give it a try.  Popcorn is relatively healthy, after all.  I mean, if you don’t drown it in butter or something.  And I’ve been wanting to give stove-top popping another go.  I tried it once with a mixing bowl and a foil lid, but didn’t really like the results.  This time I tried a chef’s pan since mine has a nice, tight-fitting lid.

It worked rather well.  I think I might like doing it this way over my microwave popcorn method when I want to toss in some seasoning or grated parm or something.  It’s easier to toss since it’s already in a pan.

In case you were wondering, I heat about a teaspoon of oil (grapeseed this time) and throw in a couple of kernels and wait for them to pop before dumping about a quarter cup of kernels into the pan and covering.  Then I shake it around and revel in the popping sounds.  This last time I tossed in some freshly grated parm, sea salt, and rosemary.