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Have you ever met Bruce?

Here he is!

I like Bruce.  He’s my friend.

Scene: A bear is knocked over into a koi pond by an aggravated Asian carp.

Koi #1: Do we eat it?
Koi #2: It’s an awfully big pellet…
Koi #3: Is it moving?
Koi #2: Does our food normally move?
Koi #3: The pellet is thrashing around.
Koi #2: Our food doesn’t normally thrash.
Koi #1: Should we eat it anyway?
Koi #3: I don’t know. Is it time for food?
Koi #1: I’m not sure. I didn’t see the girl who normally gives us our food.
Koi #3: Do you think it’s a trick?
Koi #2: Maybe it’s a cat!
Koi #3: Should we swim away?
Koi #2: Hey, I think it has claws!
Koi #1: Maybe it’s really a big pellet.
Koi #3: Our pellets don’t have claws.
Koi #2: Cats have claws! It’s a cat!
Koi #1: A really big cat?
Koi #2: It’s a cat! It’s a cat! It’s a cat! It’s a cat! It’s a cat! We’re doooooomed! [swims off]
Koi #1: I’m so confused.
[aggravated bear swims over to the koi and eats them (as revenge against the carp who knocked him over, you see)]