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Here, go read this article.  It’s interesting.

Thresher SharkIt’s a half filler day, I guess.  Here’s a doodle of a thresher shark.  Thresher sharks are interesting to me because of their ridiculous tail.  And we finally have proof that they use their ridiculous tail as a whip to stun several prey at once.  Science!   Thus making this only half a filler because you actually get some content.

Things…are a bit ridiculous right now. Too many time sensitive and secretive projects are going on at the same time. So no preview today. Here is a doodle of a shark instead.
I tried doodling this head on view of a shark the other day at work to give my brain a break from the 28464829 mismatching pieces of the 463728 projects I’ve been assigned and also to distract me from my laptop woes. WOE!