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Bonus! I had the opportunity to be in Dallas over the long weekend and last Monday, a friend and I had ourselves some adventuretimes!
I was going to try and write a travel diary but I am very bad about actually tracking what I do and then writing about it, so I’m just going to steal her post.

Adventuress Extraordinaire! Disclaimer: There are a lot of photos in this post and it is really quite long. If you are not interested in pictures, maybe this particular post is not for you. Welcome to an episode of Sheri–Adventuress Extraordinaire! :D For this post’s adventure I’m going to write about my adventure in Dallas, which is actually the reason why I was seriously M.I.A. for the last week. I was in Dallas and didn’t really have an internet connection and etc., etc … Read More

via Life’s Homilies


Remember that?  Well, now you know what it is.  It’s a few pieces of the pattern I made for a summer-themed swap.  I made a slew of ANGRY SUNS because I think they describe summer SO. WELL.  And huzzah!  A real craft post!

Now then, if you don’t remember what the Angry Sun is, I will point you here and really…how could you forget?  I think I might have been slightly traumatized by the Angry Sun chasing me when I was making my mad dash through those desert levels in Mario 3 as a child.  Ok, so like there were only two desert levels and then the sun was never seen again.  But look at them, they are so angry!

Now then, I made patterns for all my different sizes (those are 0.25″, 0.1875″, and 0.125″ pixel sizes), cut them out, cut the same out of felt, sewed them up, and stuffed them.  Easy!

I had to change the flames around the outside a little to accommodate that I was making these out of felt and that I was stuffing them.  But overall, I think they look rather nice…and angry.  I will note that these would be easier to make with perler beads, and indeed someone already has.  Now to send them off.

[EDIT: I forgot to mention that is is my geek craft for Geek Crafts Month.]