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Last Saturday, I had the dubious pleasure of needing to go to work. In my attempt to get there (which was successful, unfortunately), I inadvertently gave a spider a Very Bad Start to her day. It probably became a Very Bad Day, even a Terrible Day.  I believe the spider was a small Latrodectus geometricus.

You see, this spider was just minding her own business, spinning a web to catch some food to eat. The problem was that she was making her web between my driver’s side window and mirror.

The spider made her web approximately where the circle is. I do not know why my car is in a field or why the sun is so happy. Also, shut up, I did really well drawing with a mouse.

She was just putting on the finishing touches on her web and settling down into the center to await a meal when I started driving. This, of course, caused the web to vibrate like crazy; even crazier since she was in the middle adding some weight. It completely ruined her web and she was left with one anchor line, which she used to move to the relative safety of the mirror.
I didn’t think much of her trials while I was at work and she didn’t rebuild her web during that time. I thought maybe she used that time to escape and build her web in some other, less mobile location.
But, later that evening, after we were dismissed from the final session of a Christian Bible seminar I was attending, I noticed that the spider had rebuilt her web and was waiting patiently for some food again. I was kind of surprised she didn’t pop in the heat while I was at work. It’s HOT in the Inland Empire. Anyway, like before her web started vibrating wildly when I started driving. I was talking to my sister at the time and I forgot to watch what the spider did. She didn’t make an appearance again since then, though. I assume she fell off the web while I was driving. I also assume she was run over by a car. A terrible, terrible day indeed.


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