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Today I learned of a very interesting vegetable.  I had no idea something like it existed.  It is the Romanesco broccoli!



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Look at it!  Isn’t it the most interesting vegetable ever?  It looks like smaller drills stacked on bigger drills!  Wikipedia says that sometimes it’s also known as a broccoflower, but I know this as broccoflower.

Basically a green-tinted cauliflower.

And you can’t have two vegetables named the same thing.  That would be confusing.  You also probably shouldn’t have one vegetable with one or more names either (I’m looking at you yams/sweet potatoes).

Anyway, doesn’t the Romanesco broccoli look so interesting that you must try and eat it, no matter how it tastes?  Well, apparently not.  I showed a picture of it to one of my friends and he told me that it’s probably poisonous.  When asked why and he said it was the combination of the color and shape that put him off.  He also said that things that look that perfect probably shouldn’t be eaten.  Haha.

But, I think you should eat them.  I said earlier that the vegetable looks like smaller drills stacked on bigger drills.  That’s important.  I’m pretty sure eating this vegetable will give you drill power.  You ask, what is drill power?  Well, drill power, also known as spiral power, is what you need when you are not manly enough.  Why do you need to be manly?  Because it’s the solution to most problems.  Where am I getting all this information from?  Here.

So, the normal way to gain drill power is to sing the song.  But what if you’re in a public area?  What if you’re in the library during finals week and everyone is studying in silence around you?  What if you feel like your studies are getting the best of you?  You need drill power.  But you can’t sing.  Singing would get you kicked out of the library where there is ambient study power.  What you should have done was to eat some Romanesco broccoli before you started studying.  You probably don’t need much of it.  There are so many drills on drills!  I would guess that a floret would be the equivalent to singing the song.  Thus, maybe you can pack some with you as a snack for such library situations.  You should respect the rules of your library though.  Most libraries don’t like it when you eat things inside, even if it’s to give you drill power for studying.

Drill power.  Good for studying.  Eat some Romanesco broccoli today.

(Btw, if anyone knows where I could get some, I’d appreciate it if you’d send that info my way.  I really would like to try it, drill power or not.)


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