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Remember my post about the Pomodoro Technique?  I have been using it on and off.  The other day I decided to look for another timer app to use for the technique.  (ASIDE: I have a Samsung Focus which runs Windows Phone 7.  A lot of the following links will open the Zune software but will be marked as such.)  I had found one (opens Zune) dedicated to the Pomodoro Technique before, but it wasn’t really what I wanted.  I really just want a tomato timer that would tick.  This was a tomato timer that didn’t tick and had a bunch of other entry fields to put down what your current task was and stuff.  I ended up deleting it and going with a generic timer (opens Zune).

The generic timer worked well.  But…it is a generic timer and I really wanted a tomato timer app that ticked.  I would have liked a real tomato timer, but the constant ticking sound probaby would bother everyone else around me.  With a tomato timer app, I can either mute the ticking sound or just put headphones on.  Anyway, I did find one (opens Zune) eventually and I rather like it, but I also found others…including this one (opens Zune) that had this ridiculous tagline “become laser focused like a tomato!”  Um…what?  Maybe the author meant “become laser focused with a tomato”?  That latter would make more sense since pomodoro means “tomato” in Italian and the Pomodoro Technique is a productivity tool helping to become focused on your tasks.  Even then, it sounds kind of stupid.

But…what if it was an inadvertent slip?  I think there’s something here.  I think we may have stumbled upon a government conspiracy trying to befuddle and confuse the relationship between lasers and tomatoes.  The person who wrote the little blurb describing the app probably let something slip that he shouldn’t have.  My MLC and I speculated some about the lasertomato on twitter.  Here are some highlights:

MoosePhysh: Improperly made marinara sauce can treat you to an impromptu laser light show. #lasertomato

cherriebb515: Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family. They eventually rebelled against their family and turned to lasers. #lasertomato

MoosePhysh: Cherry and grape tomatoes are utilized to make laser pointers. #lasertomato

cherriebb515: Lightsabers are not made with the use of tomatoes because lightsabers aren’t lasers. #lasertomato

More on the conspiracy on Wednesday.

And here’s a doodle of a romantic spaghetti dinner gone wrong.

Shut up. I drew it on my phone. You're lucky it looks as good as it does.



  1. I like your picture a lot. Grace and I laughed heartily.

  2. Romantic dinner for one?

    • I’m not sure. I suspect that the table is just VERY long and it didn’t fit on my phone’s screen. Of course, the other person is sitting at the far end of the table.

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