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Something I’ve noticed about Yaris, having raised her from a puppy, is that she seems to have a preference for the color green.  When she first arrived at our house, she would cry and want her siblings and mother.  Choco was raised a solitary dog, so she wasn’t terribly helpful in providing Yaris some company.  Yaris kept crying and wouldn’t calm down until I gave her a box with a stuffed green pillowcase.  She settled right down and took a nap on the pillowcase.  I thought that was interesting.

For the first few weeks, it seemed like Yaris was much more comfortable being outside in the grass, which is generally green, than inside the house.  When she outgrew her box and green pillowcase, we gave her this multicolored comforter to sleep on.  She was ok with it, but she would often try and sneak onto Choco’s bed, which was a green sleeping bag.  The inside of the sleeping bag was tan and the one time I had to flip it inside out, Yaris whined for awhile before going to sleep.  I think she wanted the green side.  That sleeping bag is gone now.  But both Choco and Yaris have dog beds that are a pale green.  Yaris doesn’t like it much when I flip the bed over so the striped side is facing up instead of the green side.

Another thing I noticed is that she thinks her dinner is extra delicious when I mix some peas, which are green, into her food.  She’ll eat her dinner extra fast, sometimes faster than Choco, who is known to vacuum her food up.  Possibly she just thinks that peas are delicious and the same with the other green vegetables I’ve tried mixing in her food.  She has also found it very entertaining to pick all the green apples off of the lower limbs of the tree.  She ate a few of them and played with the rest.  She’s left the peaches alone, though.  Her current favorite toy is a green tennis ball.

Why all this talk about Yaris liking the color green?  Because dogs can’t see green.  They see something similar to what a person with red-green colorblindness would see.  I guess no one ever informed Yaris of this fact.


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