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Um…I don’t know of anyone with a phobia about ants (I tried to instill one in my younger brother when he was a kid as a social experiment, I don’t think it worked though), but I guess it would be good practice to also warn you that there will be pictures in this post.  I definitely think you should look at them though.  They’re so interesting!  Ok, so I say that about a lot things and I hardly ever use it in the sense that it was intended for, but this time I’m using the word “interesting” as it was intended.  The article about these ants I found should indeed warrant special attention. 

Look at those ants!

This was an accidental discovery by the Babu family (I assume in the UK since the article was from the Daily Mail) when Shameem Babu noticed that the ants were turning white when they came to drink some spilled milk.  What do you do when you make interesting discoveries like this?  Obviously you put droplets of colored sugar water on a paraffin sheet (so the droplets hold their shape even after being disturbed) and take pictures of the ants crowding around for a meal.

If you look carefully, you can see some ants who have moved to different colored droplets and have rainbow bellies! So interesting!

I wish I knew what kind of ants these were.  I don’t think we have them in SoCal otherwise I’d try and make rainbow ants too.

Here is a link to the article or you can click on one of the pictures.


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