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So, there was this thing on Twitter.  @DisneyPixar had posted, “Pro-tip: Everyone has bad days. Don’t beat yourself up. Take a break, climb a tree, pet a puppy, recharge.”  Here’s the link to that tweet, if you want to see it with your own eyes.

Now, I read this and immediately thought that should you have a bad day, you shouldn’t beat yourself up.  You should take a break.  In the the midst of taking a break, you should climb a tree.  While in the tree, you should pet a puppy.  While doing all of that, you should recharge.  Then, I thought, “wow, this is really specific advice on how to deal with a bad day and some of this advice is REALLY hard to follow.”

Ok, I can not beat myself up and take a break…for the most part.  Not beating myself up is pretty easy.  As for taking a break, I probably can’t wander too far from my desk, but I could take a break while at my desk.  That’s not too bad.  I could do that pretty easily.

I don’t know about climbing a tree, though.  If I’m having a bad day, it’s more than likely that I’m at work.  It’s not necessarily because work causes bad days, but I am at work a lot.  It pretty much consumes most of my waking hours.  There’s just a very high chance that if I’m having a bad day, I’ll also be at work.  This makes makes it hard to climb trees.  For one, we don’t have that many around.  There’s one in the parking lot that might be climbable.  I think it would be kind of risky.  Also, I would be in work attire.  While we’re supposed to be in fairly dressy attire when working in the office half of the building, I generally am not.  But my work clothes are normally of better quality than what I would just wear if given a choice.  I wouldn’t really want to destroy them climbing trees in order to alleviate my bad day.  I destroy my clothes easily enough just working.  I don’t need the tree’s help.  So, um…I could technically climb a tree.  But it would be a stretch.

The thing is, I’m not just supposed to climb any old tree.  I’m supposed to climb a tree with a puppy in it because I have to pet the puppy while I’m in the tree.  That’s hard!  How many trees do you see with puppies in them?  Hardly any!  Ok, we do share our building complex with a dog shampoo manufacturer and next door to them is a dog park, which has trees, but I’ve never seen any puppies in those trees.  You’d think the probability of finding a puppy in a tree would be pretty high what with the dog shampoo manufacturer and dog park nearby.  But no!  No puppies in trees, ever!  How am I supposed to get rid of my bad day?

If I can’t find a tree with a puppy in it to pet, how am I going to recharge?  This is the hardest advice to follow ever!  EVAR!  I think I’ll forever be stuck in my bad days if this is the only way to get rid of them.  I am going to be the grumpiest person alive.  All my bad days will become Bad Days.  This is terrible!

BUT!  My friend did mention that it didn’t say anything about not being allowed to bring a puppy into a tree with you so that you could pet it.  That’s a lot easier.  Of course, that would mean that I have to have a puppy with me at all times, just in case I felt a case of bad day coming on.  That’s…kind of hard to do, but not as bad as finding a tree with a puppy already in it.  But puppies grow up pretty fast.  I’d have to have replacements ready all the time.  And what am I to do with the grown up puppies?  I really like dogs, but I can’t raise 3284712983 dogs plus a puppy at the same time.

I think I may forever be doomed to having Bad Days.

Curious about the conversation between my friend and me?  A transcript follows:

[15:13:41] Moosterkey: @DisneyPixar
Pro-tip: Everyone has bad days. Don’t beat yourself up. Take a break, climb a tree, pet a puppy, recharge.
[15:13:54] Moosterkey: Are you supposed to pet the puppy in the tree?
[15:14:01] cherriebb515: I think so.
[15:14:07] Moosterkey: And then recharge in the tree also?
[15:14:11] cherriebb515: That’s what the directions say.
[15:14:29] Moosterkey: Are you ever allowed to come down?
[15:14:32] Moosterkey: Or is that it?
[15:14:39] Moosterkey: one bad day and you’re banished to the tree forever.
[15:14:49] cherriebb515: I guess if your bad day is over you can come down.
[15:15:06] cherriebb515: Because then if you have another bad day, how are yougoing to get in a tree if you’re already in one?
[15:15:29] Moosterkey: Can you have a bad day in a tree?
[15:15:37] Moosterkey: Also, is the puppy already on the tree?
[15:15:44] Moosterkey: I mean, trees with puppies are hard to find.
[15:15:57] Moosterkey: Are you allowed to bring your own puppy with you to pet in the tree?
[15:16:50] cherriebb515: Maybe.
[15:16:54] cherriebb515: That might work better.
[15:17:28] Moosterkey: Yeah, I’m think it might go from a bad day to a Bad Day if you have to find a tree with a puppy already in it when you’re having a bad day.
[15:17:58] cherriebb515: Yeah.


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