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Monthly Archives: October 2011

[20:33:45] cherriebb515: I think what I really wanted for my kimchi fried rice was hot dogs.
[20:33:50] cherriebb515: but they come in too large a package.
[20:33:57] cherriebb515: And they sell suspicious ones at 99.

Suspicious hot dogs.  Hot dogs of a suspicious nature.

My imagination provides me with the image of  two individual, human-sized, grizzled hot dogs.  They are wearing dark trench coats, fedoras, and sunglasses.  The one in front has a lit cigarette hanging from his mouth.  They walk up to your house, somewhat hunched over with their hands in their coat pockets.  Occasionally, the hot dog without a cigarette looks furtively over his shoulder.  You watch them approach your front door from your darkened living room.  The one with the cigarette rings your doorbell.  You try and hide behind a couch, but it’s too late.  The other hot dog walked around the side of your house and saw you through your stupid lacy window dressings.  Seriously, why do you have lace on your windows?  Of what use are they?

Anyway, the first hot dog rings the doorbell again.  Having no choice now, you open the door.  The hot dog with the cigarette bids you a good day and asks if you’ve considered their proposition.  And…that’s it.  My imagination stopped there because I was distracted by something else.  SQUIRREL!


Remember how I said last week that there’s been a slew of weddings amongst my friends?  Well, you get to see two more wedding cards this week because of it.

Here are the cards I made for friends who had their wedding last week and a couple who are having their wedding tomorrow (shh, I’m reasonably assured that they won’t look here before they actually get married, so it’s safe to show it here).  I was going to make one of the excessively heart-y cards again from last week, but I keep messing up the first time and I was getting tired of that.  So, two cards of filigree hearts it is!  The template can be found here from Creadeus (ooh, international).  I think I have decided this will be my go-to wedding card of choice, not that it’s any less excessively heart-y.  I just really liked how they turned out.

Note: I previously also saw these cards made on Extreme Cards and Papercrafting and I decided not to go with her idea of the bigger base.  I think having all the empty space around the cutout is distracting.  Ok, end of thought.

In making these, I again turned to my nice garnet colored cardstock as the base.  I rather like garnet.  For the filigree, I printed the template mirror image on the back of some wedding related paper I got from Michael’s and proceeded to cut everything out with my trusty Xacto knife.  My blade is getting a bit dull.

Now then, why mirror image?  Because the template includes the word “LOVE” at the top and I when I printed out the template, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use it.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the font.  It’s a plain sans serif font and I thought it was too big a contrast with the intricate cutout right below it.  Thus, I didn’t cut that part out and I didn’t really need to print the template out mirror image.  Oh well.  Other than that, I decided to use a more playful sans serif cutout to spell “heart” at the top because I thought the card needed a little bit of ridiculousness to remind them who it was from.

The fronts of the cards were different.  I think I actually like both equally.  I like the simplicity of the bells and hearts from the first card but I also like how you can see more of the words from the themed paper in the second.  I don’t know.  It’s a toss up.

The envelope was vellum with their names handwritten with French Script MT as a guide for the first card and Liffey Script SF as a guide for the second card.  Also a toss up as to which font I prefer.

(Obviously, I need to give some thought to lighting and sizing next time.)