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Remember how I said last week that there’s been a slew of weddings amongst my friends?  Well, you get to see two more wedding cards this week because of it.

Here are the cards I made for friends who had their wedding last week and a couple who are having their wedding tomorrow (shh, I’m reasonably assured that they won’t look here before they actually get married, so it’s safe to show it here).  I was going to make one of the excessively heart-y cards again from last week, but I keep messing up the first time and I was getting tired of that.  So, two cards of filigree hearts it is!  The template can be found here from Creadeus (ooh, international).  I think I have decided this will be my go-to wedding card of choice, not that it’s any less excessively heart-y.  I just really liked how they turned out.

Note: I previously also saw these cards made on Extreme Cards and Papercrafting and I decided not to go with her idea of the bigger base.  I think having all the empty space around the cutout is distracting.  Ok, end of thought.

In making these, I again turned to my nice garnet colored cardstock as the base.  I rather like garnet.  For the filigree, I printed the template mirror image on the back of some wedding related paper I got from Michael’s and proceeded to cut everything out with my trusty Xacto knife.  My blade is getting a bit dull.

Now then, why mirror image?  Because the template includes the word “LOVE” at the top and I when I printed out the template, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use it.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the font.  It’s a plain sans serif font and I thought it was too big a contrast with the intricate cutout right below it.  Thus, I didn’t cut that part out and I didn’t really need to print the template out mirror image.  Oh well.  Other than that, I decided to use a more playful sans serif cutout to spell “heart” at the top because I thought the card needed a little bit of ridiculousness to remind them who it was from.

The fronts of the cards were different.  I think I actually like both equally.  I like the simplicity of the bells and hearts from the first card but I also like how you can see more of the words from the themed paper in the second.  I don’t know.  It’s a toss up.

The envelope was vellum with their names handwritten with French Script MT as a guide for the first card and Liffey Script SF as a guide for the second card.  Also a toss up as to which font I prefer.

(Obviously, I need to give some thought to lighting and sizing next time.)


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