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Here is a story about one of my old dogs.  She was a long-haired black/tan/white German Shepherd Dog (GSD).  They look kind of like this.  Mine was quite the nice looking dog.  She was predominately black.  Also, she was quite smart and delicate.  It’s really interesting seeing a giant dog be delicate, especially when eating.  So anyway…
One time, my sister came home school after a Valentine’s Day party and she had a big envelope of candy and cards and other such things.  I recall my dad and I had been out in the front yard working on stuff earlier, so the dogs were outside with us.  When my sister went into the house, she unknowingly dropped one of those miniature rolls of Life Savers on the lawn.  My GSD found it and immediately decided that it was a wonderful treat.  I found her a bit later lying on the grass with the roll of candy between her front paws and a small, neat pile of wax paper wrapper next to her while she was picking out the Life Savers one by one and eating them.  She would eat one or two and then rip some of the wrapper off, put it in the pile next to her, and eat another Life Saver.  It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen.  My sister disagreed.

The end.


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