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Daily Archives: January 2nd, 2012

According to this article, I should:

  • be an extrovert (patently false, see here)
  • use a pop song as my ringtone (I cannot stand pop, and my ringtone is some random dog barking, also I wouldn’t be found at a party to begin with so there would be no need to cling to friends)
  • call animal control if I see a stray kitten (I would probably just ignore the kitten, but I did name a stray kitten Puppy once and I was terribly supportive of my friend when she was rescuing Puppy…terribly)
  • support cloning for pets (I’ve never given it much thought and I’ve seriously considered getting a graduate degree)
  • consider Paul McCartney as the best Beatle (never really thought about it)
  • think zoos are a happy place (depends on the zoo, I guess; and I send messages on Twitter all the time, one of my dogs even has a Twitter account and she also tweets)
  • enjoy slapstick and impressions (I do, but I also like puns and irony)

Perhaps…I fail as a dog owner.  I’m not really much of any of those things.

However, why is the survey comparing zoos and sending messages on Twitter?  How is that vaguely related?  Ringtones and party-going habits?  Cloning and graduate degrees?  Why not compare bananas and Studebakers?  Wouldn’t that make just as much sense?

So dumb.