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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Have you seen this?  If you haven’t, you should go read it.  It’s ok.  I’ll wait.

So…wow.  Right?  What is the lesson being taught here exactly?  That you should look for a loophole and whine until you get your way?  That consequences shouldn’t really be enforced?  The kid signed the academic honesty agreement, so he knew the consequences of cheating.  Even if the rules ended up being a bit vague, isn’t it still the school’s prerogative to enforce their choice of the iteration of rules?  They were both there.  And if it were unclear, it should have been mentioned when the kid signed it.  What, people don’t read contracts anymore?

Even if they decided that the rules were confusing and that they wouldn’t enforce them to the letter, why is it so important that the kid remain in the honors English class?  The original punishment was to be kicked out of the English class AND out of the IB program AND the cheating would have been put on record AND he wouldn’t have graduated with the IB diploma.  The school lessened the punishment to being allowed to participate in the IB program still with no mention of cheating on his record, but he’d still kicked out of honors English.  This seems like an incredible deal to me.  The key being that no mention of cheating would be going onto permanent record.  Being able to participate in IB still is a bonus.  But the kid’s family rejected it.  They want everything.  What.

I.  Just.  Don’t.  Understand.

But anyhow, the punishment that the parents may have inflicted on this kid may be a lot worse than what they had anticipated with this lawsuit.  Granted, the kid’s name is never mentioned, but his grade and school are mentioned.  His dad’s name is mentioned.  What’s going to keep the admissions department of every college from keeping track of any Berghouses coming out from Sequoia High in a couple of years?  These parents may have screwed their kid over for life.


This looks like a lot of fun…and not a bad idea.  I might even try it some time.

Of course, I would have to dress appropriately for such a thing.  Maybe some fatigues.  I already wear steel-toed work boots at work most of the time, so shoes are covered.  Do you think I need a helmet?  Or paint any exposed skin?  I need to blend into the ultra-foresty environment of my office.  Maybe I’m doing this all wrong.  Maybe I should be camouflaged as a filing cabinet…or office plant?  Hmm…

Anyway,  I think I could find a decent, minimalist camp stove somewhere.  And then think of all the things I could be cooking in my office, filling the hallways with the delicious aromas of freshly prepared food (because really, why would I make something that didn’t smell and taste delicious?), laughing at my salivating coworkers as they look on in envy as I eat my steaming hot lunch.  I do not see at all how this could be a bad idea.

Um…yes, this is a short post.  It’s because I was terribly distracted by Draw Something.  Terribly.  I’ll post some of my works of art some time to make up for it, I guess.