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This looks like a lot of fun…and not a bad idea.  I might even try it some time.

Of course, I would have to dress appropriately for such a thing.  Maybe some fatigues.  I already wear steel-toed work boots at work most of the time, so shoes are covered.  Do you think I need a helmet?  Or paint any exposed skin?  I need to blend into the ultra-foresty environment of my office.  Maybe I’m doing this all wrong.  Maybe I should be camouflaged as a filing cabinet…or office plant?  Hmm…

Anyway,  I think I could find a decent, minimalist camp stove somewhere.  And then think of all the things I could be cooking in my office, filling the hallways with the delicious aromas of freshly prepared food (because really, why would I make something that didn’t smell and taste delicious?), laughing at my salivating coworkers as they look on in envy as I eat my steaming hot lunch.  I do not see at all how this could be a bad idea.

Um…yes, this is a short post.  It’s because I was terribly distracted by Draw Something.  Terribly.  I’ll post some of my works of art some time to make up for it, I guess.


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