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Moosterkey: Um…
Moosterkey: You have mouthpox?
cherriebb515: I need a real disease.
Moosterkey: Mouthpox is totally a real disease.

It is.  It’s one of the poxviruseseseses.  In fact, it’s one of the four genera that can infect humans.  It’s probably from the orthopoxes, which means its breathren pox would include smallpox, cowpox, and monkeypox, but not chickenpox because chickenpox is caused by a different family of viruseseses.

Symptoms are generally mild.  They include small blisters at the bottom of the mouth and onto the lower lip.  Symptoms resolve within a few days unless blisters are popped.  In the case where the blisters are popped, the virus, which is localized within the blisters, are free to spread into other parts of the body, which precipitates an intense craving for ramen.  Upon this second stage of infection, fever and rash are common.  Sunlight causes exposed areas to turn permanently green.

There is no treatment for the disease itself, only the symptoms.  Blisters should be covered to prevent bursting.  A liquid diet is preferred while blisters are intact.  Food intake via the mouth should be restricted after the blisters burst to prevent further spread of the virus.  Makeup can be used to cover the areas that turned green.  Laser treatments are ineffective.

cherriebb515: You’re lying.
cherriebb515: I just googled it.


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