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I got the idea to make mug rugs a long time ago as a way to get rid of some of the scrap cloth I have.  Perhaps you’re wondering what exactly is a mug rug.  It’s something like a really small place mat for your mug of delicious beverage (and maybe a delicious snack), or a really large coaster.  I made a test mug rug awhile back during the week of ALL THE PROJECTS and I was quite pleased with the results.


You’ll note that I was able to get rid of a little more of my never ending supply of Powerpuff Girls cloth.


I basically followed Jan’s tutorial for the mug rug because of it’s simplicity (but I forwent hand sewing the edging down).  Simplicity is key here, because I also ended up doing this with the girls on a Friday night.  And they turned out quite well.

A creation in flannel and corduroy.

Mixed cotton prints and whatever that PPG stuff is made from (pretty sure it’s synthetic).

So there you go, simple enough that jr high and high schoolers with limited sewing experience can do in a few hours.  One of the girls had to leave early and didn’t get a chance to sew the edging down.  Neither did I manage to get a picture of it.  And do you not think that my mug is such a wonderful model?  I’m sure so many agents will clamor to try and get my mug to sign a contract for modeling after seeing this post.

And I’ll be making one for myself eventually.  It’ll be a different pattern.  I’ll post that when I actually get around to making it.


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