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I recently joined Whimsey Box…because I felt like I didn’t have enough craft stuff?  Or maybe I felt like I had too much time?  Or something?  If you don’t know what Whimsey Box is, it’s this interesting and relatively new craft service you can subscribe to for 25$/mo and they’ll send you a box of something to make each month (actually, I think they upped the price just recently as I’m pretty sure I’m not paying that).

Anyway, it seemed like a lot of fun and would get me making something creative at least once a month.  Also, I wouldn’t really have to think about what to make either because it would come all packaged for me and I would be exposed to things I might not be exposed to normally.  It might even end up giving me good ideas for Friday night activities.  So anyway…yeah.  This was July’s project:

Chain bracelets (links back to Whimsey Box)

And here’s my version:

Yes, that is actually me.  (Sorry about the quality of the photos, they’re from my phone, which is dying.)

And instead of finishing the back like they had suggested, I decided to just do one long braid and tie it off on the other side.

Yes, I did actually try the bracelet on and it fits my wrist. I’ve been told that I have anorexic wrists.

Um…so there it is, my first Whimsey Box project.  I can’t say that it was the greatest thing ever.  I don’t wear jewelry.  Just functional stuff, like a watch.  I don’t really see why I have to be loaded down and dripping with accessories.  So, I don’t really know what to do with this project.  I have a lot of moose, but I don’t know if they all want to be wearing matching bracelets.

But as it is, Whimsey Box was really generous with the material.  I had enough to make at least three bracelets.  I think they actually sent me blue embroidery floss.  I have a huge collection of my own, so I subbed in some green.  I also actually found a bunch of bracelet findings in my stash, so if I were going to make this again, I would probably use those to finish it off.

I got my August box recently and it was packaged a lot nicer.  They’re still working out shipping kinks, I think.  I took a brief look August’s project and it looks a lot more interesting to me than bracelets.  Not that there’s anything wrong with bracelets…it’s just that…what do I do with them?


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  1. You put them on your wrists, that’s what you do, or someone else’s. Sorry to hear about your disordered wrists. I like what you’ve done with your hair in the first one.

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