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I like snail mail and the USPS.  I think you probably already know this.  Well, recently I’ve been looking into getting a new mailbox to replace the one we have.  For…reasons.  Anyway, I decided that I liked some of the offerings from Architectural Mailboxes and purchased both the mailbox and a decorative post via Amazon.

This is totally normal and not noteworthy except for the fact that Amazon didn’t have the post in stock and I had to buy it via one of their Marketplace vendors.  That’s fine, but I have noticed that the third-party vendors are of varying quality.  The result of this is that…I have two mailboxes, one white, like I ordered, and one sand, like I didn’t order and doesn’t work at all as a decorative post.

Yup.  My order got mixed up with someone else’s order from what I see on the packing slip, and I have two mailboxes now.  I think the other guy has two posts.  It looks like they had everything packaged correctly and even put the correct packing slips in the sleeves, but then slapped the wrong mailing labels on the packages.  Because…you know…a white decorative post looks so much like sand mailbox.

This is great.  And not at all useful.  Now let’s see how long it takes for me to get everything fixed so that I get my decorative post and preferably, the guy gets his mailbox too.  If he can’t get the mailbox, well…I’m not as concerned about that right now as I am about getting my post.  In white.  That’s decorative.  Like I ordered.  But it would be nice of this guy also got his mailbox.  In sand.  That’s not at all decorative but I can’t really say anything because I ordered the same mailbox but in white.  And this also puts be behind schedule and getting the new mailbox up.

ANYWAY!  Did you know that the USPS has standards on size and functionality of your mailbox?


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