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Did you know there was such a thing?  I didn’t until recently.  And in case you’re thinking of some guy stuck in a cube making exceptionally nice looking graphs, let me dispel this preconceived notion of yours.  This is what’s coming from Excel spreadsheet artists.

Links to source

Links to source

Isn’t that nice?  You’d never guess that was made via Excel.

The artist of that…painting? is Tatsuo Horiuchi.  He’s a 73 year old retiree.  I guess he wanted a hobby for when he retired, so he went out and bought himself a computer and taught himself Excel.  He was inspired by seeing the graphs businessmen would produce in Excel.  He had not previously used Excel.  At all.

Guys, this is really amazing.  A grandfatherly retiree decided to pick up Excel, having never used it before, and draw really beautiful…paintings? with Excel.  EXCEL.

Dude.  It’s Excel.  The most boring of the MS Office suite.  Ok, it might not be the most boring.  Access isn’t really that exciting.  Or…any of the rest of the MS Office suite.  They weren’t really meant to be exciting programs really.

But guys.  He’s painting with Excel!

You can see more of his stuff if you click on that picture of cherry blossoms.  It links to the article, which shows more of his artwork and even links to some of the Excel files so you play around with it yourself.



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