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Yaris used to counter surf a lot. It wasn’t out of hunger or a real desire to eat, I don’t think. She doesn’t have this overwhelming urge to eat like Choco did. But she does get bored. Easily. And she uses most of her brainpower to try and find ways to keep herself entertained, whether it’s shredding boxes, digging trenches, or pulling things off the counters, edible or otherwise.  These are all things she does when she’s left alone in the house for a prolonged period of time and not enough toys to keep her busy for that period of time.  There isn’t anyone to play with her and so out of boredom, she decides to wreak some havoc.  You know, as dogs do.

Well recently, my mother told me of an incident that seems to have been the last of Yaris’ counter surfing. For some reason, my mother left a loaf of bread in a glass 9×13 pan on the counter. Yaris found said pan. Yaris saw the said loaf of bread in said pan. Yaris decided that it would be fun to pull the loaf of bread down.

She’s done this before.  She’ll pull a loaf of bread off the counter.  She’ll eat a few slices of bread.  Then she’ll place the remaining slices around the house.  And finally, she’ll shred the bag.  I’m sure it’s all fun and games for her.

This time was different.  For one thing, someone was home.  And the big difference in the game of counter surfing is that there was a glass 9×13 pan.  This time, when she pulled the loaf of bread down, the pan came with it.  And you know how glass is when it’s stopped abruptly.  It likes to shatter.  It’s kind of a jerk like that.  Welp, the glass pan shattered.  Right next to Yaris.  Apparently she let out a yelp, as she’s not a big fan of loud noises, and ran into the room.  She wasn’t injured and the loaf of bread was saved, but the glass pan had seen the end of its useful days.

My mother was obviously not pleased.  It was her favorite glass pan.  I have no idea why she left it on the counter with a loaf of bread in it though.  Seems to me that it was just asking for trouble.

So yeah.  That’s my story.  Here’s a quick doodle of what I think of when I heard the phrase “counter surfing.”

Actually, yes.  Yaris has lost weight recently.

Actually, yes. Yaris has lost weight recently.  But that isn’t actually Yaris in the picture.


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