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I’ve been thinking about pizza a lot recently.  Well, I often do think about pizza.  It is one of my favorite things to eat after all.  But recently, I’ve been thinking about pizza because I’ve been trying to chase down TJs Woodfire Pizza truck.  It’s the only pizza food truck that I know of and they make Neapolitan pies, among other types.

The last two weeks, they’ve stopped by a food truck gathering really close to my house.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it back in time to catch them.  And one time, I finally chased them down on a Friday at a new food truck gathering, but I was waiting for people so I didn’t immediately go up and order pizza.  And while I was waiting, they closed up and left.  I can’t blame them.  It was a slow night and unlike other food trucks, they have to keep the oven going in order to make pizza, so they probably lose more money than other food trucks when they’re standing idle.  But…it was so disappointing to see them pack up and leave.

Just recently, I made a stop by zpizza because my house is a disaster area and there was no food to feed people.  So I ordered online and stopped by to pick up the pizza.  Only to find out that for some reason, no one told the cooks my order.  My ticket was just sitting there and I was pizzaless.  It was kind of sad.  They did get me my pizzas and I didn’t wait too long either.  They even offered me a free 10″, which I thought was nice of them and rather unnecessary.  I wasn’t really upset by the whole thing.  I ordered pretty close to closing time and sometimes, things like this happen.  They were nice about it and got my order together as quickly as possible.  And they have always provided me with good service before.  One incident like this is hardly going to keep me from going back to them for pizza.

Anyway, these are my boring pizza stories.  Telling you these stories was really just an excuse to link you to these pizza portraits.  I’m so amazed that someone could make these portraits from pizza.  Also, I kind of want some pizza now.

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