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Um…yes. It’s a filler. Here’s an octopus I drew for a Draw Something game. Actually, I think the word was “sushi” and not octopus. But I thought the drawing would be better if it had an octopus in it.

What else?  Oh, how about this?  The plural of “octopus” is not “octopi” as many people think.  Pluralizing a “-us” word with an “-i” is a Latin thing.  That’s why you have words like “radii” and “foci” and for some reason not “campi” instead of “campusus” as campus is a word with Latin roots.

So anyway, “octopus” is derived from Greek.  The proper pluralization would be “octopodes.”  Hardly anyone uses that, of course.  The most common correct plural form would probably be “octopuses.”  “Octopi” is definitely incorrect because THE WORD “OCTOPUS” DOES NOT HAVE LATIN ROOTS.  So stop it.


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