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So…funny story. I was sitting in my hotel room with the TV on for background noise and reading some stupid news stories when…the power goes out. Which of course means that the internet goes out. And also the lights. I guess those are important.

Turns out, this power outage affects a few city blocks. I had gone outside to look. I thought briefly that maybe it was the doings of some dire mastermind axe murderer. I was going to go out to ask if I could play with his axe. But no, the front desk people told me that Edison knows about the power outage and that they’re trying to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. At first I thought the night manager said that it was a planned outage, which kind of confused me.

Anyway, the night manager didn’t have a whole lot of time to inform me as to what was going on with the power grid as he was getting ready to start making rounds and was instructing his associate on what they needed to do. I guess it’s not going to be a restful or easy night for them.

So, that’s my story. And that I’m actually still sitting in the dark right now.  Well, not really.  Because I have my backup charger for my various personal electronic devices with me and it has a built in flashlight.  I also have a decently powerful LED flashlight in my car.  And I happened to bring the mifi with me from work so I have internet access still.  And Winchell3 has almost a completely full battery.  And so does Behemoth.  And my phone can be charged via my backup.  And my 3DS has almost a full battery too.  And as you can see, I am well prepared for power outages.

But here are today’s doodles that aren’t related to the story at all. Actually, the doodles are what I had meant to post for today before the power outage happened. It has to do with the equipment I’m working with at Clib and how it was originally manufactured in France by people who obviously didn’t speak much English.

They have something called “super drying” that runs at the end of a cycle. The validation team came up to me recently and asked what that meant. I told them it obviously was like drying but with a cape. One of them thought that was funny. The other one looked a little confused. Oh well. But these are the mental images that came to mind when I was telling them about drying and super drying.



Super Drying!!

Super Drying!!


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