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The other day, some guy pulled my hair.  Now, I’m not going to deny that I didn’t deserve it.  I most certainly did.  But the fact that HE PULLED MY HAIR was…interesting.  What are we, in grade school?

In order to keep myself amused and entertained at Clib and to hold back the tide of despair, I have reverted back to my old ways of pulling pranks on people.  This last prank involved one of my favorite full-time Clib employees whom I shall call Sock Guy.  Seriously, the nicest and most entertaining guy ever.  EVAR.  And because he’s so nice and entertaining, he makes the perfect target for a prank.  In that, one of my coworkers and I rearranged the letters of his keyboard.  Not a whole lot, but definitely so that it was noticeable and that maybe it also spelled his name (his actual name and not “sock guy”), albeit incorrectly, on the home row.

Were you aware that for many keyboards, the F and J keys are slotted differently in the back so that you cannot easily rearrange those keys?  We had to flip them upside down to get them to fit on another post for a different key.  Same with the “normal” key that we swapped in its place.  So we had some upside down keys on the keyboard.  Totally noticeable.  And hilarious.  Definitely hilarious.

In fact, we were laughing so hard that we were both tearing up and it caused our PM to look at us kind of strangely.  I mean, he already does that much of the time but we were laughing nigh uncontrollably because we thought the resultant keyboard configuration was so funny.  It was lucky that only THEM employees were there at that moment and that no Clib employees walked in.  I’m sure it would not have spoken well of us.

Anyway, we were able to do this to Sock Guy’s keyboard because he hadn’t been at work for at least a week.  Or maybe he had but was at the other facility.  I don’t know.  I never asked.  And after we were finished with the rearranging, we waited.

I was lucky enough to be in the room when Sock Guy showed up again.  But the room was incredibly crowded that day and Sock Guy couldn’t sit in his normal spot so he didn’t see his keyboard right away.  So I had to tell him that we left a surprise on his keyboard.  And he looked.  And was immediately thrown off by the post-it I had put on the keyboard several weeks earlier that he had seen before.  And then he left because he had something else to take care of.  And I had a sadz because I really wanted to see his reaction.

As it turns out, I never did see his reaction, but he did tell me about it.  Apparently, later that day after I had left, he went back into the room and was working at his spot.  He started to type in his password and was really confused as to why the server kept rejecting his login saying that his password was wrong.  And it took him another 20 seconds or so before he remembered that I told we left him a gift on his keyboard and then he compared his keyboard to another one nearby and then he nearly fell out of his chair laughing.  Apparently, he’s not a touch typist.

The next morning when he saw me again, HE PULLED MY HAIR!  Who does that??  Not that I didn’t deserve it.  But srsly?

Disclaimer: I am not actually upset that he pulled my hair because 1) I totally deserved it, and 2) did I not mention that he’s the most entertaining guy evar?  The fact that he did it is more amusing than anything else.  Possibly hilariously funny.  I haven’t really decided.

Disclaimer disclaimer: I know I didn’t post Friday.  Not even a filler, not even a temp post.  By the time I was able to get to it, I was far down the depths of a negative motivation pit.  I think I might be battling a flare up of ASD.


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