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SavedPicture-201442193840.jpgSo, here’s Horse.

Actually, his name is Coco but I’m trying to rename him to Horse.  You see, I find Coco to be a rather unoriginal name for a chocolate lab, which he is, a very large one, like really big, like about 28″ at the withers, a chocolate lab has no business being 28″ at the withers.

Anyway, I want to try to name him Horse partly because he’s so big, like a small horse.  But also partly because I feel like a horse has taken refuge in my backyard somewhere and is leaving horse clods all over the place for me to clean.  And also partly because a dog named Horse is really funny to me.

I adopted Horse from his previous owner because he was just too big for her to take care of properly and she wanted to give him to someone who could handle a big dog.  My last GSD was about the same size as Horse (that GSD was also giant) so I offered to take him.

Horse is supposed to keep Yaris company when I’m at work.  Yaris is also supposed to keep Horse company when I’m work.  It’s a bit difficult for them though, since Yaris can go in and out of the doggy door as she pleases and Horse has to stay outside because he cannot fit through the doggy door in the least.  Possibly not even his head.  And that Yaris is a punk and will make fun of Horse.

But I will probably save that for another post.  When I’m not as tired and more coherent.



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