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It’s true.  Even though she’s a little princess dog (sugh), she’s also a punk.

Have I told you of the numerous time when she’d get in Choco’s cot and roll around until all the blankets were pushed to the floor?  Then she’d get up and go to her own cot and go to sleep in her blankets and leave Choco with a bare cot.

Or how about the times when she’d nonchalantly walk toward Choco’s bowl while Choco was eating and snatch a bite of Choco’s dinner and walk off just as casually as before?

Yaris is a punk.  And I had forgotten since she’d been the only dog in the house for about a year until I adopted Horse.  Now all her punk ways are surfacing again.

The first day Horse was here, she wanted to play with Horse.  Now, Horse is fat.  And he’s just big overall.  He can’t move as fast as Yaris.  And of course Yaris would rub that into his face.  Yaris likes to play chase and tag and she’d incite Horse to chase her.  And then when he’d be tired and be huffing and puffing, she’d proceed to run in circles around him and then around the yard.  And all the while, she’d be saying “look at me!  I’m so agile!  I’m so much faster than you!  Hahahahahah!”

The first weekend Horse was here, he wasn’t allowed in the house because he’d been an outside dog the whole time and he was filthy.  I was too busy that weekend to give him a bath, so he had to wait until the following Monday.  During that time, he’d want to come in the house because he saw Yaris got to be inside the house and he wanted to be closer to me, since his original owner was no longer around.  What does Yaris do?  She would run out the doggy door (Horse is too big for the doggy door) and incite Horse to chase her around the yard.  Since she’s faster than him, she’d just run in a circle around the yard, or sometimes just a circle around him, and then run back into the house through the doggy door.  More often than not, she’d time it just right so that the flap of the doggy door would hit him in the face.  And then Horse would be sad.

There were also several times when Horse would be whining pathetically outside the door and Yaris would sit right up against the sliding glass door and stare at Horse.  It was incredibly mean.  She’d taunt him by sitting inside the house and just look at him.  She didn’t even have to openly mock him.  It was enough just to sit perfectly still a mere inches away from him but on the other side of the glass.

She’s also since appropriated the bed I bought for Horse.


Although to be fair, Horse doesn’t seem to be very interested in the bed and prefers to sleep on the floor, or at the very best, on his very threadbare crate liner that his original owner gave me.

What a punk.


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