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I missed Friday.  I was going to put something up but then the weekend got away from me too.  I’m terrible.  But I’ll tell you about Attack on Titan, which is partly to blame for my lackluster posting schedule last week (i.e. I posted only once and late…you’d think I’d be able to get at least one post up on time).

Attack on Titan.  I’ve been watching it.  Or rather, I have watched it, as I’ve already gone through all 25 episodes and the second season isn’t in the works right now so this might be it.  Even though the story is unfinished.  Shakes fist.

Ahem.  Attack on Titan is an anime based on the manga of the same name.  I haven’t been sucked into an anime in years now.  Nothing has really caught my interest.  But Attack on Titan has post-apocalyptal and dystopian themes.  I have a certain fondness for dystopian themes.  And it probably falls under the genre of dark fantasy.  Um…I guess I’m saying that overall, it’s pretty dark.  And brutal.  But so good.

And while the anime has good art and animation, it also has plot development.  And character development.  And a good story.  Those last three things are rather important to me.  I don’t really watch things just because they look good.

It’s been out for about a year.  You can watch a subbed version of it on Crunchyroll still.  I think they’re about to retire the first 13 episodes, so if you want to watch it on Crunchyroll, you should do it soon.

I may pick up the manga for it too (soft version because the only shelf space I allow for hard copies of comics are for Axe Cop, Dr. McNinja, and Girl Genius) because I like it so much.  There has been a lot of talk about how the art in the manga is pretty crude, but I don’t really think that’s going to deter me from enjoying the manga.  Again, it’s about the story and development.  Good art is a bonus.

You’ll note that I really didn’t say anything of worth about Attack on Titan.  That’s because I get yelled at about spoilers.  Which I don’t even believe in.  But people yell so stridently about them that it’s just easier not to say anything.

You can watch the Corridor Digital guys and assorted friends play the game here, if you want.  I find them rather entertaining.


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