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Spiders.  Sometimes they do weird things.

It has recently come to my attention that there’s another spider that enjoys gymnastics.  Here’s a link to the first spider I found that has a tumbling routine.  And here’s the new one…

You’ll see that there’s a difference.  The other spider was really just tumbling downhill with the help of gravity.  This spider, called a flic flac spider, does handsprings across the sand.  It can do them forward or backward, uphill and downhill as it’s actively expending energy to propel itself.  Thus meaning, it can exhaust itself handspringing across the sand and die.  Which is ironic (?) and amusing (?) to me?  If its day is particularly fraught with peril and it has to handspring several times in that day, it’ll die anyway.  Not from predation but from exhaustion…


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