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Daily Archives: June 16th, 2014

Sometimes you should need something to inject some cheer in your otherwise dreary (or worse) situation.

Previously, my favorites were watching/listening to the early 90s lineup of Rockapella perform their arrangement of Zombie Jamboree.  They’re so ridiculous.  How can you not smile and be cheered?

I also rather liked the early 2008 lineup of UW Madison’s Redefined a cappella performance of a medley of old Nintendo themes.  Favorite parts include the Tetris portion, the Zelda portion, and the ending.  I don’t know why I’ve always liked the Mario death theme.

I don’t know why I found these a cappella arrangements to be cheering, but they were to me.  But it’s been some time since I’ve been using these as a motivational and cheering tool and often, you become habituated and they start losing effectiveness.  I use these sparingly now.  Only in times of great despair.  Which generally means I’m too far gone for them to be of any use anyway.

But!  I’ve recently found another musical arrangement to be quite cheering.  It’s not a cappella but it’s just as ridiculous as the other two.

The chorus!  THE CHORUS!!

Also, Mr. Timn.  I recommend Mr. Timn the Milkman.  Because…it’s a group of people blowing their noses together.