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The other day, I got home really late.  I had left super early in the morning and got back really late.  The dogs were displeased.  They were hungry and bored and probably lonely even though they have each other to talk to and they were displeased.  And they decided to show their displeasure by escalating some of their usual antics, like shredding the cardboard boxes I leave out for them into extra fine bits and hiding their Kongs so I can’t find them to refill for the next day and in Horse’s case, by acquiring a biscuit baby.

What is a biscuit baby, you may ask.  Well, it is exactly like a food baby but made entirely of biscuits.  For you see, while I was away, Horse and Yaris decided to get into my closet where the extra biscuits are stored and rip open the box.  It’s a Costco sized box.  It contains a lot of biscuits.  The two of them ate fully half of the contents of that box.  There were crumbs everywhere.

Yaris was appropriately guilty and apologetic when I found out (and also because she’s vain, she did not have a biscuit baby because that would ruin her figure).  But Horse…Horse had the biggest belly ever.  He had a biscuit baby.  And then it was my turn to be displeased.


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